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Is Ara History Untold coming to Xbox?

Want to know if Oxide Games' next turn-based strategy game is coming to consoles? Here is what we know about the chances of Ara History Untold coming to Xbox

Ara History Untold Coming Xbox: A man and woman can be seen looking at a large model of the solar system

One of the highlights for PC players from the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase in 2022 was the grand tactical strategy game Ara History Untold. But one key question following the show is do Xbox Game Studios Publishing have plans to bring Ara History Untold to Xbox?

Developed by Oxide Games, which crafted the Ashes of the Singularity series, Ara History Untold is being built by the minds behind grand strategy titles at EA and Firaxis. And, with Xbox’s backing, it is looking like a big shift from their previous work to create a grand title that provides flexibility and deep choice when it comes to crafting humanity’s legacy.

But, what has both Oxide Games and Xbox Game Studios Publishing said about Ara History Untold coming to Xbox at the initial launch or in the future? Continue reading to find out.

Ara History Untold Xbox Speculation

So far Xbox Game Studios Publishing and Oxide Games haven’t announced that Ara History Untold is coming to Xbox. The only platform currently listed for the grand strategy game is PC.

This decision is most likely down to the fact that grand strategy games are hard to port to consoles and as this is Oxide Games’ most ambitious project to date a focus on one platform is probably better during initial development. Although, this is speculation right now until we hear directly from the developer.

Nothing has been hinted at either so while, some grand strategy games come to consoles, whether Ara History Untold will is up in the air. Hopefully, we will hear more about plans for the franchise sooner rather than later.

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