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Apex Legends fans work out why they’re whiffing throwing knives

Apex Legends' Gun Run LTM is fun, but if you're out here absolutely whiffing every throwing knife shot out there, you'll be pleased to know there's a reason why

Apex Legends throwing knife aim assist: an image of Predator Loba on a zipline

We know it goes without saying, but Apex Legends is easily one of the best battle royale games out there right now – and the Beast of Prey collection event’s Gun Run LTM is just one reason why. But, however exciting and interesting this new limited time mode is, it’s not the easiest and you might find yourself constantly falling at the final hurdle. If you’re someone who finds that they’re struggling to land their final throwing knife shots in Apex Legends’ Gun Run LTM, we think we know why. It’s all about aim assist.

We know aim assist is a hot topic of contention for Apex Legends players, and the wider gaming community, but it’s something that is ever present in the battle royale and shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re wondering why it’s relevant to the topic of throwing knives in Apex Legends, though, allow us to explain.

When you reach the final weapon in the Gun Run LTM, you’re given a throwing knife to get the final kill with – and win the game, provided you don’t get melee demoted. While this throwing knife does appear to be a weapon, given the fact that it appears in a weapon slot in your inventory, it’s actually a throwable.

What does this mean? Well, it means that it doesn’t actually benefit from any of the controller-specific aim assist settings you would see when using something like an R-301 or Prowler, for example. If you don’t believe us, Reddit user ‘Wskiu’ has taken to Apex Legends’ training grounds to prove it, showing that players even have some light aim assist while unarmed but not with the throwing knife equipped.

If you didn’t know, throwing knives doesn’t have aim assist. That’s why it’s hard to hit people on controller from apexlegends

As far as we’re aware, this is just the standard for all throwables in Apex Legends and it’s only noticeable with the throwing knife because it’s precision-based and not something that deals damage to an area – like the Frag Grenade or Arc Star.

Is this going to change how you feel about the game mode going forwards? Either way, you might find it interesting to learn that Apex Legends’ Gun Run LTM originally ended with a melee kill – and that the Apex Legends devs reveal the battle royale almost had a bouncy ball shotgun. What a wild ride that would have been; Maggie’s Wrecking Ball is bad enough.