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An Apex Legends strike seems likely as No Apex August gathers steam

Apex Legends bugs keep popping up in Season 13 and fans aren't exactly happy right now, with some members considering taking part in No Apex August

Apex Legends strike: Pathfinder from the collection event

The start of a new season should be an exciting time for anyone, but for Apex Legends fans the start of Season 13 left many with mixed feelings. The Ranked Reloaded changes prompted more questions than answers with many booting into Apex Legends matches only to find themselves going up against players much better than themselves. Gameplay bugs seem more prevalent than before, especially on console, and it’s resulted in players becoming disillusioned with what is arguably one of the best battle royale games on the market.

While things have been simmering for a little while now, the seeds of discontent are now starting to spill out online. In the last few days alone, the Apex Legends subreddit has been full of players claiming they’re uninstalling the game, or groups trying to rally support for what they’re calling No Apex August.

“The amount of bugs is frustrating,” ‘reza_SL’, a Reddit user who’s advocating for the strike tells The Loadout, before rattling off a list of bugs they’ve personally experienced. “These issues might seem insignificant for casual players but when players like me who are trying to grind ranks and lose because of these bugs, that’s when we start to make moves like this.”

While Reza_SL admits the impact on the game from the strike will likely be negligible, they remain defiant. “It might not have any impact,” they add, “but at least we tried to do something to fix the game.”

However, not everyone agrees with the strike action. “Respawn and EA understand our concerns,” content creator ‘Faith’ says. “It’s not necessarily anything they can fix right away and the people working on the cosmetics in the game are not the same people working on the bug fixes and balance changes. I understand the intent behind it but it’s just not it in my opinion.”

There are others who sit in the middle too, like Complexity streamer ‘Ninjayla‘, who will boycott the Apex Legends in-game store for a month in an attempt to hit the developer’s coffers. “Telling them [content creators] to not work on the verge of a recession is a lot to ask,” Ninjayla says on Twitter. “I could understand not spending money on the game, but not playing it would hurt a lot of people’s livelihoods.”

While it’s clear that the state of the game and the push towards community action has divided much of the community, it’s not exactly an ideal situation for Respawn and EA to be in, especially as it builds towards the launch of Season 14 in early August.

Several bugs have been squashed in recent weeks, including the increase in Xbox Series X|S input lag, but with Wraith seemingly invulnerable during Phasing, Loba’s tactical not working, the Summer Sundown reward tracker not working, and Apex Legends ranks games continuing to unfairly place players in mixed lobbies, it’s clear more needs to be done to appease the wider community.

We’ve reached out to Respawn for a comment.