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Apex Legends’ streetwear Market skins release date leaked

Following Chinatown Market’s rebrand, leaks suggest that battle royale players will be able to get their hands on Apex Legends’ new streetwear skins very soon

Apex Legends streetwear market release date leaks: An image of the Fluorescent Tech Valkyrie skin

It’s been over a year since unique fashion brand Chinatown Market announced a cosmetics collaboration with Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale shooter Apex Legends. However, the actual release of these streetwear skins was delayed following the decision from Chinatown Market to rebrand in an effort to make a statement for the #StopAsianHate movement. They were released for a limited time, though, in September 2021 – but, that was a while ago. If you’re looking forward to another chance to get your hands on these cosmetics, you’ll be pleased to know that the Apex Legends streetwear “Market” skins’ release date has been leaked alongside a look at a handful of new designs.

Shared on Reddit by ‘Growtth’, showing a video from Apex Legends’ data miner ‘Nitz’ and information from known Apex Legends leaker ‘Ezra-RC’, the leaks suggest that Apex Legends’ redesigned Chinatown Market skins and the new streetwear-themed skins will be released as a part of Apex Legends’ Summer Store promotion that begins on July 5, 2022.

With this in mind, and the fact that further leaks suggest a number of ALGS-themed cosmetics will also be made available at the start of this promotion, the streetwear-themed Market skins are expected to be available in-game from July 12, 2022 – a week later.

If you’re curious about what these streetwear skins actually look like, you can check out the leaks for yourself below:

YouTube Thumbnail

As you can see for yourself, this collection of skins is more than the handful of branded streetwear-styled cosmetics we’ve seen before. The Fluorescent Tech Valkyrie skin, the Booming System Gibraltar skin, and Octane’s streetwear skin all feature designs without the redesigned Chinatown Market branding.

From what the leak suggests, Apex Legends players can look forward to a cosmetics bundle for Valkyrie, Octane, Gibraltar, Wraith, Mirage, Bloodhound, and Lifeline. Each bundle will include accompanying cosmetics including weapon charms, various weapon skins, emotes, and more. Bundles appear to range in price from 2,500 Apex Coins up to 3,950 Apex Coins. If you’re just looking for skins, they should set you back 1,800 Apex Coins each.

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