There’s a hidden Titanfall 2 cameo in Apex Legends Season 14

Apex Legends Season 14 has added a rather well-hidden Titanfall 2 cameo, according to a dataminer, and you've probably been starting right at it

Apex Legends season 14 Titanfall 2 cameo: Apex Legends' Vantage looks to the side with a worried expression

One thing you may have noticed since Apex Legends Season 14 dropped are the mysterious, silhouetted figures being held prisoner in the background of the new lobby, which is set inside the GDS Vantage (y’know, the ship from this Story from the Outlands). Well, a dataminer appears to have found out who is being held captive behind the glass, and they may seem familiar to those who have played Titanfall 2’s campaign.

Posting the results of their datamine on Twitter, ‘KralRindo’ shows the character model used for the prisoners, and amazingly, it’s an IMC scientist. The model is wearing the same outfit worn by the scientists during the Titanfall 2 campaign, most notably in the Effect and Cause mission, as was pointed out by ‘ApexLMGLover’ in the comments.

While Apex Legends is of course set in the same universe as Titanfall and is closely connected, what is a character model from TF2 doing locked up in the Apex lobby? KralRindo believes that this is just simply a convenient asset that Respawn has reused to give the lobby a bit more atmosphere.

However, is there a chance there could be more to this than just a reused asset? Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped some speculating in the comments that this could be hinting at a larger story arc that will be happening over the course of the season. Others have wondered if one of the screens reading “inmate secured” in the lobby background may at some point change to reflect this scientist escaping or being freed. Some have even wondered if this is an upcoming legend, but that might be a bit of a reach…

Who knows if this is actually teasing anything significant at all, but it is quite funny to see yet another link between the Titanfall games and Apex, but this time buried in the most bizarre of places.

Season 14 has kicked off with a lot of changes, so we advise checking in with our Apex Legends tier list before dropping into your next battle royale match.