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Apex Legends Revenant glitch causing chaos in Flashpoint LTM

A PlayStation player has discovered an Apex Legends glitch that allows Revenant to heal while invulnerable due to Death Protection in the Flashpoint LTM

Apex Legends Revenant glitch Flashpoint: Two images of Revenant from Apex Legends promotional art

Apex Legends’ Unshackled Event has seen Flashpoint return to Olympus as an LTM. This mode isn’t easy, replacing all healing items with several healing zones at fixed points across the map. If you’re struggling with the lack of healing on offer, we suggest switching out to Revenant for a while. Why? One Reddit user has discovered an Apex Legends Revenant glitch that allows him to heal, while being invulnerable, in Flashpoint.

RossBobSquirrel’, a Redditor known for uncovering exploits and Easter eggs in Apex Legends, has shared a clip confirming that Revenant can heal in a Flashpoint Zone during a match of Flashpoint while benefiting from the Death Protection bonus you get from using his Death Totem ultimate ability.

Why is this a big deal? Well, usually, players with this Death Protection buff active can’t use any healing items and, when they die, they are returned to the Death Totem with a maximum of 50 health. With the constant healing of a Flashpoint Zone, it’s clear to see why this would make winning a fight with a Revenant and his squad with Death Protection near-impossible.

One thing that makes this even more interesting, as you can see in the video shared by RossBobSquirrel below, is the fact that the Flashpoint Zone also recharges the players’ shields.

Revenant can heal while in Death Protection in Flashpoint LTM from ApexUncovered

Traditionally, a players’ shields are ignored when taking damage while the Death Protection buff is active. Now, though, if used at the right time, players are going to have to contend with a fully-shielded and fully-healed Revenant (and possibly his squad) who each have a second life.

Thankfully, the effects of Revenant’s Death Totem only last 25 seconds. However, the Death Totem’s 30 second timer can be extended by this amount of time by whoever uses it last. This could, in theory, mean that a Death Totem can last well-over a minute if the timings are right.

If you think this annoying, you’ll be pleased to know that the Unshackled Event and the Flashpoint LTM are only going to be available until May 3, 2022. Respawn hasn’t commented on a fix coming before then, but there’s still time.

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