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Apex Legends’ Lifeline has killed a country’s worth of people

She might be known as a support character, but stats shown in this Apex Legends Mobile trailer show Lifeline is anything but - she's a stone-cold killer

Apex Legends Lifeline kills: Lifeline stands holding a peace sign on her right hand

When you look at Lifeline, Apex Legends‘ sole healer, you wouldn’t automatically assume that she’s a cold-hearted killer. But clearly she – and her impeccably styled space buns – mean business if this new Apex Legends Mobile trailer is anything to go by.

That’s because we now know that canonically Lifeline has killed 38,423 legends over the course of the games – that’s more than the populations of Gibraltar and Liechtenstein (thanks @gekkonova) . Brutal, right? It is when you consider 29,675 of those were headshots. Her lifetime stats flash up briefly in the trailer (around the 0:46 mark) when Mirage assembles his team to take on Wraith – who’s understandably been dominating the games. She is, after all, one of the best legends in the game according to our Apex Legends tier list.

While Lifeline’s uncharacteristic brutality is perhaps the most shocking from the trailer, we also get a little insight to Mirage and Gibraltar’s stats too – and they are no where near as impressive.

Mirage has completed 66 finishers and deployed 326 decoys, which is unsurprising given how much he loves to show off. Gibby on the other hand has revived his teammates 86 times and pulled off 176 shotgun kills. These stats, I’m sure you’ll agree, pale in comparison to the absolute animal that is Lifeline.

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But this all begs the question: why is a support character this good and should we be picking her for our next Apex Legends ranks climb?

Who knows, but it’s made us all the more excited to give the game a whirl by the time the Apex Legends Mobile release date rolls around.