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Apex Legends leaks reveal Maggie’s terrifying melee weapon combo

We know Maggie's mad and we know she has it out for Fuze, but her new weapon is going to shake-up Apex Legends' meta in more ways than one

Apex Legends Maggie Leaks: An image of Maggie looking distraught from the Stories from the Outlands Short Good as Gold

Apex Legends’ Season 12 update cannot come soon enough – fans of Respawn Entertainment’s shooter are eager to learn of what’s next for Apex Legends as we approach the game’s three-year anniversary – and it looks like information is starting to slip through the cracks. The latest Season 12 leaks suggest that Maggie is joining Apex Legends as the next playable character.

It feels like an inevitability these days that upcoming Apex Legends content is going to be leaked ahead of its official reveal and release – in some capacity anyway. Data miners are always scouring Apex Legends’ game files for any hint at what’s to come and there is almost always something to talk about.

Ahead of Respawn’s Season 12 announcement – which is expected within the next week or two – Apex Legends leakers have shared a new look at Maggie – the long-rumoured Season 12 legend – and what to expect from her. We don’t have a good look at her in-game character model yet, but the artwork shared is raising a lot of eyebrows.

Why is the latest Apex Legends Season 12 Maggie leak raising eyebrows, though? It’s all about the weapons she’s wielding.

As you can see below, the Apex Legends artwork depicting Maggie has her wielding something resembling a chain sword from the Castlevania series with a small shield. The edge of the shield looks as though it is charged, which might suggest that this shield does more than just block incoming projectiles. 

Respawn is keeping mum, though, when it comes to Season 12 and the possible release of Maggie as a new playable legend. We’re expecting Apex Legends Season 12 to release on February 8, which should mean we hear more information from official sources soon. 

It’s hard to say where Maggie would find herself in our Apex Legends tier list if she is the Season 12 legend, but there could be a huge shake-up at the top if what the leaks have told us turns out to be true.