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Apex Legends player creates the longest Wraith portal we’ve ever seen

Apex Legends games are difficult enough without contending with giant Wraith portals

Wraith Apex LEgends

Every Apex Legends player knows one thing: coming up against Wraith is the worst. We’ve got nothing against the character, but her abilities have been top tier since day one of the battle royale game and the players who use her have a less-than-stellar reputation.

Living up to her reputation as the overpowered marmite of Apex Legends, Wraith player Slay_Cyan posted her filthiest Wraith play to Reddit. She combined Revenant’s Ultimate ability with Wraith’s portal and the popular flyhacking glitch with Olympus’ Trident vehicles for one of the most complicated plays we’ve seen in a long time.

The play didn’t end well, with the whole team getting downed by the players at the other end of the portal, but she still posted the clip – and it makes for great watching. This is definitely in contention for the longest Wraith portal ever recorded, and frankly we’ll be disappointed if the Guinness World Records book of 2021 doesn’t include a link to the clip.

To achieve the longest Wraith portal we’ve ever seen, first her Revenant ally set up their Death Totem. The players entered Death Protection, before employing the flyhacking glitch to sail to the other side of the map.

Once there, they encountered an enemy team. However, instead of attacking, they drop Arc Stars at their own feet to return to Revenant’s Totem – on the other side of the map. It’s at this point that Wraith sets up the first portal, and I’m sure you can see where this is going.

1300 yards super wraith portal from apexlegends

She releases the portal at the Totem, linking opposite sides of the map via a very glitchy but fully functional portal. After a quick armour swap, she heads back through the estimated 1,300-yard portal to take on the enemy team. It doesn’t end well for her, but we can only imagine the confusion on the opposing team’s faces when they emerge from the portal on the opposite side of the map – and are immediately caught in the ring.