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Apex Legends leaks hint at more secret free emotes for battle royale

If you're looking for free Apex Legends emotes, you might be in luck; leaks suggest that both Bangalore and Newcastle are getting more of these cosmetics soon

Apex Legends leaks free emote Bangalore Newcastle: an image of the two side by side

Following every Horizon main’s surprise that Respawn Entertainment secretly released a brand new free emote for the Apex Legends character, there’s evidence to suggest that both Bangalore and Newcastle are also getting free emotes in the future. Whether you play a lot of Apex Legends or not, it’s clear that this is one of the best battle royale games out there right now – and this is one reason why.

We know it hasn’t been confirmed that they will be free just yet, but established Apex Legends leaker ‘KralRindo’ has revealed that there are two new ground emotes in the game’s files – one for Bangalore, and one for Newcastle. Sharing this information, KralRindo details that the Bangalore emote is listed as ‘bangalore_ground_emote_drinkingbros’ and the Newcastle emote is listed as ‘newcastle_ground_emote_chillaxingdrink’.

With the two legends canonically siblings, and Apex Legends’ pre-established history of introducing specific animations and voice lines to reflect the sibling relationship between the two characters, it seems somewhat likely that these two emotes will be linked in some way – and most-probably show an interaction between the two when used side by side.

Of course, as we’ve said above, we don’t know if these two emotes are going to be free. However, we’re inclined to think that they will be following the unannounced addition of Horizon’s Great Minds Recline emote last week to player’s accounts and discussions on Apex Legends’ subreddit that some players are starting to get access to a free Lifeline emote too.

We know this isn’t going to affect any Apex Legends tier list rankings, but Horizon is quite popular at the moment – according to Apex Legends Status. Maybe these two free emotes will boost Newcastle and Bangalore a little. Either way, neither of them are particularly bad at boosting you up the Apex Legends ranks right now.