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Apex Legends: third lore teaser for Horizon appears in Olympus

Here's how you can access the lore snippet, and what it means in relation to Apex Legends

19/01/2021 The third lore teaser is now live.

A new Apex Legends lore teaser has been discovered in Olympus. Dataminers ‘shrugtal’ and ‘Biast12’ found the teaser, which suggests they might have had a little tip-off about the location from their time in the game’s code.

However, you can drop into Olympus yourself to find the snippet, which involves the newest character in Apex Legends, Horizon. You’ll need to drop to the lone building directly south of Estates – it looks like a bike shed or something. Inside there are two laptops, which you can engage with to play a video message. You have to play as Horizon to access the message, but she has some unique voice lines in reaction to the video, so it’s worthwhile.

If you don’t want any spoilers, we’d recommend not reading any further, because we’re about to watch the teaser and discuss what it means for Horizon’s character and the Season 7 story.

While Horizon only sits at mid-table on our Apex Legends tier list, we’re already really engaged with her lore – and especially her relationship with her assistant Dr Reid, whom many believe to be Titanfall 2 villain Ash before she was made into a simulacrum.

It is this very assistant who severed Horizon’s tether and left her to die in a black hole. Our plucky Scot managed to escape and return home to Olympus, but 87 years had passed while she had barely aged a day. Her promise to return to her infant son had been broken – or so we thought.

As you can see, the broken message is from her son, Newton, who appears alive and well. “Mom? Hi, it’s me. Do you miss me? They told me you were dead, but we were together, remember? I said I love you, and you said I love you, but -”

The message cuts off, leaving Horizon to question what she just saw. “It cannae be possible,” she says. But can it?  The second teaser expands on this premise:

Horizon’s son Newt seemed to have a dream about his mother, and doesn’t believe Dr Reid who tells him he is an orphan. But Horizon’s threat to “rewrite the laws of the universe” to get her son back are ominous – could we be in for time travel in Apex Legends?

The third teaser suggests the Phase Runner – that’s the huge portal at the centre of Olympus – could be vital to reuniting Horizon and Newt. You can watch the full teaser in the video:

We still don’t know the full meaning of the video messages, but with Apex Legends Season 8 just around the corner, we can’t wait to find out.