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Apex Legends’ new Collection Event adds LTM akin to MW2 hardcore mode

Apex Legends' latest Collection Event, Veiled, is introducing TDM Unshielded Deadeye, an LTM somewhat similar to FPS game Modern Warfare 2's hardcore mode.

Apex Legends hardcore mode LTM TDM unshielded deadeye: an image of Valkyrie from the FPS battle royale with a bottle

Call of Duty fans, we think it’s about time you check out Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale. Why? Well, Apex Legends’ TDM Unshielded Deadeye LTM is essentially bringing hardcore mode from Modern Warfare 2 to Apex Legends‘ Apex Games – and you just know that’s going to be intense.

Debuting in the Veiled Collection Event, which should be the final in-game event before Apex Legends’ Season 17 release date rolls around, players looking to take a break from the quintessential battle royale experience will be able to jump into a modified Team Deathmatch playlist subtitled “Unshielded Deadeye”. We know that sounds like a bit of a mouthful, but it’ll make a lot of sense in about eight lines time.

According to this Apex Legends Blog post on the LTM, “TDM Unshielded Deadeye is a twist on Team Deathmatch with Legends wielding lmited, rotating loadouts each match to prove thier skill.” In this mode, you should find that you start with one of the following loadouts: Wingman and 30-30 Repeater, Hemlock and G7 Scout, or Kraber and Sentinel.

Now, none of those are particularly mind-blowing loadouts in a standard TDM. But, in TDM Unshielded Deadeye (the catchiest LTM name we’ve seen so far), “care packages are turned off and players will have no shields or helmets”. So, that means everyone’s going to be a little squishier than usual.

In a similar fashion to other TDM modes, this is going to be a simple “first to 50 kills” situation. So, you should find that it’s going to be quite easy to get into the flow of things when you jump in. All you need to do is remember that you don’t have shields, really. How hard can that be?

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There’s no mention that Legend abilities are being turned off in this mode, so those characters at the top of our Apex Legends tier list are going to be even more effective than usual – and characters like Newcastle could find that this mode is their true calling. If you didn’t think this was one of the best competitive FPS games out there already, we think this might just change your mind.

Apex Legends’ Veiled Collection Event is dropping on April 25 and will feature that Caustic prestige skin (at long last), a selection of new cosmetics for Gibraltar, Octane, Rampart, and more. Oh, and it comes with a free reward track that offers up a Wingman skin and a Newcastle skin.