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Fan-made Apex Legends Crypto rework could solve his dismal pick rate

Do you think Apex Legends' Crypto needs a rework? Well, a few fans do and these are the changes that they have suggested be made to the battle royale's hacker

Apex Legends fans crypto rework: an image of crypto with a white jacket on

We know Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games out there right now, but there’s always room for improvement – and Crypto is one place where that improvement is needed. Despite being a legend that offers players quite a lot of utility, he just doesn’t quite sit right with players – and that’s why he’s always on the tail end of our Apex Legends tier list. Thankfully, a handful of Apex Legends fans have detailed the Crypto rework this free-to-play battle royale needs and we’re inclined to agree with the decisions they have made.

The top-line talking point when it comes to this Crypto rework posted on Reddit by ‘AstronomerSenior4236’ is the fact that Apex Legends’ fans think that he should be able to use his tactical ability and passive ability independent of his drone – which still features heavily – and makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Discussing Crypto’s passive ability first, it looks like Apex Legends fans want to see something somewhat similar to Vantage’s Spotter’s Lens passive. Proximity Firewall, which is what the fans have named this ability, would allow Crypto to detect the number of squads in a certain radius when aiming down sights while unarmed.

From what we can tell, this would be somewhat similar to Bloodhound’s tactical ability, too – Eye of the Allfather. While this won’t detail the exact number of enemy players around, or provide any tracking information like Bloodhound’s kit, it will allow Crypto to keep track of any nearby enemy squads without the risk of being left behind by his squad.

As for the rest of his kit, Apex Legends fans think Crypto’s Surveillance Drone deserves a buff. With his currently-available Neurolink passive ability still in play, Apex Legends fans think Crypto’s drone should basically be more useful as a tactical ability. Proposed changes include being able to pick up materials with the drone and, funnily enough, making sure it doesn’t get destroyed by things like doors – which seems fair enough.

The Definitive Crypto Rework [OC] from apexlegends

The only change to Crypto’s ultimate ability, Drone EMP, is the fact that Apex Legends fans think it should be able to be used when stored on Crypto’s back. This, to be fair, makes a lot of sense and would make Crypto much more effective in the midst of a firefight.

Are these changes going to be made? Yeah, we don’t know about that. However, they would make Crypto a better legend to climb the Apex Legends ranks with and we can’t say we’d hate it if this update was released for the underused character.