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Apex Legends dev shares fix for error code temp-banning players

Having trouble with an unusual cosmetics-based error code popping up during a game of Apex Legends? Well, there’s a rather simple work-around available

Apex Legends Cosmetics 531 Error Fix: An image of Loba from a promotional still and Bangalore from the System Override event

Respawn Entertainment is always tweaking its battle royale and, usually, these minor changes improve player experience and the stability of the game. However, that isn’t always the case and Apex Legends’ latest update has caused an unusual error code to pop up for players mid-game. It’s not just kicking players from their matches, though – this error code can even issue you with a ten-minute temporary ban. Thankfully, a developer has shared a quick work-around on Reddit.

Reddit user ‘Flexatronn’ is just one of several Apex Legends players who have taken to the online forum to express their dismay at being randomly kicked from a live game of Apex Legends and, in many cases, being temporarily banned for ten minutes after seeing the following error code: ‘sh_weapon_cosmetics.nut #531’

Looking at the text related to the error code, it’s clear that the issue is related to a weapon cosmetic – and, ‘rspn_exgeniar’ (which we think is live technical designer Aaron Li, looking at Apex Legends’ credits list) has highlighted what players need to look out for if they want to avoid this issue.

“If I am reading the error message properly,” Li began, “for the time being to work around the issue… ‘S03 Platinum Gun Charm’, don’t put a gun charm on that gun while using your reactive skin.’

Getting this error. Anyone else? from apexlegends

So, to clear things up a little bit… It appears that the error code is being caused by players picking up a weapon with a reactive skin and the S03 Platinum weapon charm attached. This comment would suggest that Respawn Entertainment is aware of the issue, which in turn would suggest that a fix is coming, but we just don’t know for sure.

So, with no timeline on a fix, if you want to climb the Apex Legends ranks, we suggest checking your weapon cosmetics before you jump into a game. While you’re doing that, it might be worth checking out the Apex Legends tier list for recommendations on the best legends for the job – reactive weapon skin or not.