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Apex Legends announcer joins the Avengers game as Jane Foster

After leading the Apex Games for the last three years, the Apex Legends announcer, Zehra Fazal has entered battle as Jane Foster in the Avengers game

Apex Legends Announcer Avengrs Game Jane Foster: Jane Foster can be seen holding up Mjolnir

Zehra Fazal has been lending her voice to the Apex Games for more than three years now, not actively getting involved in the battle. But, that has now changed as Zehra Fazal has joined the cast of the Avengers game as Jane Foster: The Mighty Thor, stepping into the fight as a true legend (albeit a legend from a different universe).

The voice actress, who has had a number of voiceover roles including in 2019’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare, from voicing the female Exo in Destiny 2 to the aforementioned Apex Legends announcer, will join the Avengers game on June 28 with the release of Jane Foster.

Announced on June 21, this is the last confirmed new character set to arrive in the beleaguered game, although Square Enix has committed to continued support. Jane Foster’s inclusion ties in with the upcoming release of Thor Love and Thunder in theatres and cinemas on July 7, 2022.

Zehra celebrated the news on Twitter by saying “I’M THE GODDESS OF THUNDER!!! What a day!! My head is still spinning. Thanks for all the love on here, folks!!”

As Zehra prepares to join the Avengers, she has just ushered in a new event in the Apex Games with the Awakening Collection event, which has just begun. And, while Zehra lends her voice to the games, we spoke with the design director of Apex Legends on the health and status of the game’s ranked mode.