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PS VR2 pilots to get new War Thunder combat sim game, Aces of Thunder

The Aces of Thunder PS VR2 announcement trailer sees developer Gaijin Entertainment promise "realistic online battles" using "iconic military aircraft".

Aces of Thunder PS VR2 announced: pilots in planes

War Thunder developer Gaijin Entertainment has a brand new PlayStation VR2 experience on the way. Aces of Thunder is a flight combat simulator game which is set to bring elements of the popular multiplayer game to life – or at least virtual life.

In Aces of Thunder’s debut trailer we can see a player making their way around a grounded plane, seemingly picking out which of the iconic World War 2 fighters they wish to pilot. From there, we see intense aerial battles taking place over a variety of environments, including cities, deserts, and oceans.

So far, we’ve only been able to spot planes from WW2, such as the British Spitfire and German Messerschmitt Bf 109. So it’s unconfirmed if some of the more modern ones found in War Thunder will be available.

According to the video’s description, Aces of Thunder will have “physically accurate flight and damage models”, derived from War Thunder itself. The game will be entirely in first person, too, with battles “taking place exclusively from the cockpit view, and with complete control over all flight systems.”

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While an Aces of Thunder release date has yet to be set, this will surely be exciting news for all those aviation heads out there.