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A Plague Tale Requiem skills and skill trees

Get an overview of all the A Plague Tale Requiem skill trees and the key abilities and buffs you can get when upgrading them throughout the game

A Plague Tale Requiem Skill Trees: Amicia can be seen stealthily crouching

A Plague Tale Requiem makes a number of fairly big changes to the gameplay of the series and the progression as you are playing. One of those big changes comes in the form of the new A Plague Tale Requiem skill trees which each focus on different playstyles with which you can approach the game. This allows you to focus on the style that works for you, especially as you can’t unlock all the skills in one playthrough. Below, you can find an overview of those skills and what each one does.

A Plague Tale Requiem skill trees

There are three skill trees in A Plague Tale Requiem: Prudence, Aggressive, and Opportunism. The Prudence skills are focused mostly on stealth and being able to move faster, while the Aggressive skill tree is focused on active combat and using your weapons. Finally, the Opportunism skills are about the other tools in Amicia’s arsenal and resources. Each of the trees has four skills in them, for a total of 12 skills.

The full skill trees look as follows:

A Plague Tale Requiem Skill Trees: The Prudence Skill Tree can be seen

Prudence skill tree

As mentioned the Prudence skill tree at its core gives you buffs and bonuses that allow you to skip past enemies, avoid combat altogether or stealth around large groups. This style focuses more on judging when you want to attack, rather than just blatantly killing everyone or incapacitating everyone you see.

Therefore, the skills in the Prudence tree are:

  • Light Footstep – Amicia makes less noise when moving, and so is less noticeable by enemies nearby
  • Nimbleness – Thanks to a better sense of balance, Amicia moves faster when crouching
  • Throwing Stance – Amicia improves her body positioning to throw items farther
  • Armour Piercer – Amicia can backstab armoured enemies with a knife as she can now spot their weak points

A Plague Tale Requiem Skill Trees: The Aggressive Skill Tree can be seen

Aggressive skill tree

The Aggressive skill tree is all about open combat. These skills enhance your killing capabilities either with blunt weapons or deadly weapons like your crossbow.

The skills in the Aggressive skill tree include:

  • Grappler – Being conscious of her surroundings, Amicia can push enemies into fire or rats when she attacks in melee, killing them instantly
  • Recovery – Keeping her calm when she is attacked, Amicia recovers faster from blows
  • Vital Points – Knowing their vital points, Amicia can strange enemies with her sling faster and more quietly
  • Quick Fingers – Being more dexterous, Amicia reloads and uses her weapons much faster

A Plague Tale Requiem Skill Trees: The Opportunism Skill Tree can be seen

Opportunism skill tree

Finally, the Opportunism skill tree is focused on your alchemical ammo and resources and utilising them to use the rats to your advantage. This tree does focus on kills like the Aggressive skill tree but more creative kills than just using your sling or crossbow.

As such, to boost your alchemical ammo, the skill tree for Opportunism is:

  • Alchemy Knowledge – Thanks to a better knowledge of alechemy, Amicia crafts alchemical ammo faster
  • Nothing Lost – Optimising her alchemical craft, Amicia has a chance to save one resource she uses when she crafts alchemical ammo
  • Material Division – Being more meticulous, Amicia obtains pieces when she crafts alchemical ammo
  • Pure Product – Perfecting her art, Amicia crafts one more alchemical ammo with the same resources

With these A Plague Tale Requiem skill trees, you can work on upgrading Amicia to be better at the playstyle you want to approach the game with. The changes here and additions allow Requiem to be far more flexible with how combat and action play out. To see more about what we thought about that side of the gameplay, read our A Plague Tale Requiem review or take a look at more help in our A Plague Tale Requiem walkthrough.