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Valorant has already banned its first cheater

Riot Games has taken action four days into the closed beta


Riot Games’ new tactical 5v5 shooter isn’t even a week into its closed beta and the first cheater has already been banned. Clips of players allegedly using wall and aim hacks in Valorant have been circulating on social media in the last 24 hours, prompting the game’s development team to take a closer look.

Paul Chamberlain, Riot’s anti-cheat lead, confirmed that the first cheater had been banned and that more would follow. “Well it sucks, but today we had to ban our first cheater (and it looks like more bans are on the horizon),” he says on Twitter, via Gamespot.  “I was hoping for a little more time before this fight kicked off but we’re in it now and we’re ready.”

To tackle cheating in its games, Valorant uses the Vanguard system. If a person is found to be cheating in Valorant, the system will force the game to end and forgive all players bar the cheater for the loss.

The game also utilises the fog of war system that will stop players from seeing the other players’ locations on the map until a direct line of sight has been made.

Considering programmers have already banned their first cheater and warned that there’s more to come, it goes to show that Riot’s anti-cheat isn’t as watertight as first believed. Hopefully though this will allow the developers to improve the system and stay one step ahead of those who want to break the rules.