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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre release date, story, gameplay

Call your friends and prepare to play as mischievous relentless killers or desperate victims as you enter the world of the iconic 1874 horror film.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game release date: A character can be seen

When is the Texas Chain Saw Massacre release date? If you’re eager to play a multiplayer game with your friends where you can terrorize them or just test your skills to escape from their attacks, you should keep your eyes on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre from Sumo Digital.

Published by Gun Interactive, the studio behind Friday The 13th The Game, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game will give you the chance to impersonate all-time favorite characters as well as new ones. You can torment other players, hunting them inside cramped houses, or use your abilities as a victim to get out and keep yourself alive.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre release date

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre release date is August 18, 2023, at 7 AM PT, 10 AM ET, 3 PM BST, 4 PM CEST, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. The game will also be launching on Xbox Game Pass on the same day.

Although there is still some time until the game is officially out for everyone to play, we will probably have some new information about it before August. This is because, together with the release date, Gun Interactive has also revealed a technical test will be taking place in May.

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre story

The story behind the game takes elements from the 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie, but Gun Interactive and Sumo have put their own spin on the premise. Creating a fresh experience for players, while bringing the same concept of having a group of young adults arriving in a desolated farm in Texas where a family of cannibals lives, the game’s story happens before the events of the movie.

It all starts with the disappearance of Maria Flores. Hoping to explore Texas and check out its wildflower season, Maria, an enthusiast of photography, wanted to capture some species of flowers with her camera. After that, she goes missing. Her car is discovered abandoned at Country Road 172, while she was last seen near the town of Newt.

Maria’s disappearance is the trigger that makes her sister, Ana, and her college friends, Sonny, Connie, Leland, and Julie, travel hoping they can find any clues of Maria’s whereabouts. What they don’t know is that they will eventually find the house where Cook, Hitchhiker, and Leatherface, alongside two new characters – Johnny and Sissy – will hunt each one of them.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre gameplay

In The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game, players will be split into two different teams, one composed of violent murderers and another one of the victims. Following the formula players have already seen in Friday the 13th game or Dead by Daylight, Gun Interactive and Sumo adapted the asymmetrical multiplayer formula in such a way as to make it work with the structure present in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre movie.

Because of that, the first major difference players will find when playing this game is that teams are split into 3 assassins called the Family and 4 victims. While these 4 players are going to look for ways to survive, the other 3 players are going to hunt them before they can escape.

The matches in the game will take place not only in well-known locations from the original movies but as well as completely new areas created especially for the game. So far, the studio has announced the Family House Map, the Gas Station Map, and the Slaughterhouse Map. While the first two are accurate representations of two places people have seen in the movie, the Slaughterhouse is a brand new location.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Release Date: A victim can be seen being killed

As an example of how a match will unfold, in the Family House Map, victims begin inside the house where there is more than one way out which they must reach while hiding in the house’s rooms and closets. And, as expected, the three assassins are walking around looking for the fragile victims.

Whether you’re trying to survive or hunt in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, characters have special abilities as well as different attributes that make the experience of playing each one of them distinct. It’s expected that we will see a skill tree system when the game is fully released which will help players to customize the characters. What we know is that the victim characters have toughness, endurance, strength, proficiency, and stealth as attributes, while the Family characters have savagery, harvesting, and endurance.

On the Family side, there will be five available characters in the base game. The Cook has the seek ability, allowing him to track where a victim is through the noise they make. Sissy, a new character, can craft poisons to blow in the Victims’ faces or put on items around the map, because of her bane ability. The Hitchhiker can place traps around the map and use the same passages as the victims. The second new character, Johnny, can track fresh footsteps, making it easier to find the other players. Last, we have Leatherface, and thanks to his maim ability, he can use his saw to attack victims as well as access places by breaking doors, for example.

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When it comes to the Victims, there will be five available characters to pick from initially. First, Connie is a character that can pick a lock without consuming the specific tool for it. There is Sonny who has the heightened sense ability which works as a type of buff he receives when the ability is used, allowing him to detect noises and track movements. The third character you can play is Julie and she has the ultimate escape ability, making her untrackable by the Family members as well as spending less stamina when running.

Leland is also part of the roster of victims and he can throw his weight at his pursuers, stunning them, with his life saver ability. The last character you can play is Ana, the leader of the gang. She has the pain is nothing ability which reduces the damage she takes while making her immune to poison.

And that’s all you need to know to prepare yourself now that The Texas Chain Saw Massacre release date has been announced. For even more on multiplayer games, check out our list of the best PS5 multiplayer games, as well as all the Game Pass games on the service.