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The Plucky Squire release date window, story, gameplay

Mixing 2D with 3D, here is what we know about The Plucky Squire release date, story, and gameplay across PS5, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

The Plucky Squire release date

When is The Plucky Squire release date? After catching everyone’s attention with an intriguing concept, All Possible Futures studio left us all wondering when The Plucky Squire’s release date is. The title distinguishes itself by promising to use 2D and 3D perspectives to offer players The Plucky Squire a charming adventure.

The Plucky Squire is being published by Devolver Digital, known for working with pretty unique indie games and this title from All Possible Futures seems to be just like that. With cute visuals and playful writing, The Plucky Squire could please a great variety of players.

The Plucky Squire release date

The Plucky Squire’s release date is set to be in 2023 on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. All Possible Futures hasn’t released any updates regarding a specific date yet, but we should see more at Summer Game Fest.

The game was announced in June of 2022, calling a lot of attention because of the unique idea the team is following, mixing 2D segments with 3D, and the charming visuals and premise. We saw an updated trailer at the PlayStation Showcase 2023, which you can see below.

YouTube Thumbnail

The Plucky Squire Release Date: Jot can be seen

The Plucky Squire story

While The Plucky Squire’s story seems to be central to the whole experience thee studio hasn’t shared a lot of information besides a few bits regarding a couple of characters and their motivations. First, we have the protagonist, Jot, the plucky squire who lives many adventures on the pages of the book where he is also the protagonist.

In the same book, lives the wicked Humgrump. He is the villain of the book and as such he is destined to always lose to Jot. Once he realizes that, Humgrump tries to get rid of Jot by throwing him out of the book. With that, the adventure of Jot begins while he looks for a way to get back to his world and save his friends from the evil Humgrump while he explores the new world in the room of a kid where his book was.

The Plucky Squire release date: Jot can be seen in the book

The Plucky Squire gameplay

The Plucky Squire is an action/adventure game with cartoonish and cute visuals. While controlling Jot, you fight bosses, complete mini-challenges, and solve puzzles to progress through the game. The game’s main characteristic is the fact it transits from 2D to 3D environments. Because of that, Jot traverses many different places, since each surface area of a book or screen found in the 3D room is a potential world in itself.

What is interesting is how these two modes are connected and Jot’s capacity of interchanging between them is an important mechanic to advance in the game. When Jot is in his book, you see a 2D version of him and his world. But, when Jot is inspecting the room full of toys and furniture, you go into a full 3D explorable location, having many areas to explore. However, from time to time, you can expect to find moments in which you might need to change to 2D in order to cross over a specific location. For instance, in one part of the game, it’s shown that, although Jot was in the 3D world, he jumps into the sticker on a bucket where he flies a jetpack while shooting enemies.

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Taking advantage of the possibilities behind the concept of jumping from the 3D to 2D worlds, the team behind the game seems to be drawing inspiration from great 2D games to offer a great variety of scenarios. Just to mention some examples, the aforementioned jetpack segment recalls the game Jetpack Joyride, while some exploration segments seem to reference classic Legend of Zelda games, such as A Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening.

At the same time, The Plucky Squire also plays around with different genres and mechanics. You may find yourself punching bosses down by fighting them in classic 1-vs-1 matches just like in fighting games. In a short clip shared by Devolver Digital, we can see Jot picking a word on one page, crossing to the 3D world to reach another place in the 2D one where he places the word in a new sentence to affect the environment.

Now, that’s all we know about The Plucky Squire release date. We haven’t seen much yet, but the small bits shared so far can give us a good grasp on the game’s story and gameplay. In case you want to play something different until The Plucky Squire is officially released, be sure to check our list of best Switch RPGs.