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There’s a new Subnautica game in the works

A new Subnautica game is in development according to a job posting on Unknown Worlds' website, meaning open-world survival will be returning soon

subnautica new game in the works from unknown worlds below zero gameplay

The Subnautica series has been a hit with players and streamers due to its harsh survival mechanics and an intriguing story that unravels in less than explicit terms as you progress. Now, developer Unknown Worlds is recruiting staff for the next instalment of the Subnautica franchise.

According to a job posting on Unknown Worlds’ website, the developer is looking for a senior narrative designer to “join the team working on the next game in the Subnautica universe.” Not only is this confirmation of a new Subnautica game being already in development, but the post gives us some hints as to what type of game it’ll be.

“This person will collaborate closely with the team to tell compelling, dramatic stories in the context of the game experience” the post continues. “While also defining the history and lore of a new science fiction world and its alien inhabitants.” It seems as if the new game will have more of a narrative focus and take place on an entirely new world, while keeping the presence of alien lifeforms as a key component of gameplay.

The post also mentions that the new hire will help create “lore, history, characters, and storylines,” and also “write dialogue and backstory text.” This all points to Subnautica’s next game being more involved and story-rich than its previous outings, which largely left you up to your own devices to wander its world, with narrative taking a back seat to survival.

We won’t be seeing the new Subnautica game anytime soon though, as the post clearly delineates that the game is still early in development, and we still don’t know what platforms it will be coming to.

Both Subnautica and Subnautica Below Zero came to Game Pass, so it’s highly likely that we’ll see Subnautica 3 on Game Pass at some point too, and maybe it will even be on the service at launch.