If you’re not playing Starfield as Willem Dafoe explain yourself

Check out these epic Starfield fan made character creations, bringing actors and pop culture icons like Florence Pugh, Willem Dafoe, and more to the space RPG.

best starfield fan made character creations

Bethesda introduces us to loads of Starfield characters in its new space RPG, but thanks to some very clever Starfield character creation tweaks, there are celebrities in the galaxy. Spanning everything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to acclaimed TV shows, these creations add some flair to your chosen Starfield backgrounds. Let’s take a look at some of the best Starfield fan made character creations we’ve come across.

6. Willem Dafoe

We don’t know about you, but when we think of the galaxy, our mind is cast to the unmistakable visage of Willem Dafoe. Yes, none other than the Green Goblin himself. Retroactively part of the MCU thanks to Spider-Man No Way Home, Redditor ‘Strider390’ pays tribute to the actor’s appearance in Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie: “You know, I’m something of an Industrialist myself.”

“You know, i’m something of an Industrialist myself.”
byu/strider390 inStarfield

5. Tony Soprano

The late James Gandolfini’s legacy lives on as HBO mega hit The Sopranos continues to find new fans. While he was never cut out to be a varsity athlete, The Sopranos fans can do Tony Sopranos’s dirty work across the final frontier of space, just like Redditor ‘fohfu’.

Woke up this morning, got some gabagool
byu/fohfu inStarfield

4. Florence Pugh

Your eyes are not deceiving you. TikTok user ‘thatguymurph18’ is hanging out in The Lodge as Dune and Oppenheimer star Florence Pugh. This particular character creation is already proving to be popular, as commenters ask for the Starfield player to make a “tutorial, please.” Others like ‘Inknites’ say, “my character looks like a shoe. How did you make her look so good.” Welcome to Constellation, Florence.

@thatguymurph18 Pretty proud in all honesty. The face tattoo is just cause why not. #starfield #starfieldgame #starfieldcharacter #charactercreator #florencepugh #oppenheimer #dunemovie #dunepart2 ♬ original sound – Murph

3. Todd Howard

The Bethesda maestro himself is conjured up by ‘CheesyWhales’, and bears an impressive resemblance to Howard himself. It won’t be long before Starfield mods turn NPC in the game into Howard, we hope anyway – because why not. This character creation just works.

Tried My Best to Create Todd Howard
byu/CheesyWhales inStarfield

2. Doom Slayer

Tipping their hat to one of the best FPS games of all time, Redditor ‘echolog’ recreates the Doom Slayer. It feels right to give a nod to Bethesda and iD Software in Starfield, now it is up to you to rip and tear with some of the best Starfield weapons.

They call me… Doom Slayer
byu/echolog inStarfield

1. Chris Hadfield

Lastly, it is only right we include this lovingly made tribute to real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield by ‘pizzaknight69’. Tallying up 166 days in space across separate expeditions, Hadfield’s research and contributions toward space exploration are a great fit for exploring all the Starfield planets.

Character Creation – Chris Hadfield
byu/pizzaknight69 inStarfield

Still looking for more? While a good Starfield wiki can be a handy source of information, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools like a New Atlantis map for exploration.