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Are there bots in Splitgate?

Everything you need to know about Splitgate bots to keep your matches lively and your weapons hot.

 Splitgate is no longer being supported with additional content, though an Unreal Engine update is in the works. However, the game is still playable, albeit with a small player base, so you can still play with friends using crossplay.

We all know the feeling: you’ve gone 17-2 in your latest match, you’re creating top-notch portals left, right, and center, and the opposition can’t seem to get anywhere near your level. In fact, they don’t even really seem human. Then a thought enters your mind: are there bots in Splitgate?

This Halo and Portal-inspired free-to-play shooter blew up back in 2021, so much so that the developers eventually decided to focus on the next step for the IP. This inevitably means that Splitgate no longer receives content updates. However, it is still playable if you can find a match – and bots can lend a helping hand.

What are Splitgate bots?

In Splitgate, bots are AI-controlled players that basically help fill lobbies and keep games competitive. They’re often programmed to behave like players, but their skill level isn’t as high as a real-life player. As such, they can be relatively easy to identify and kill online.

Does Splitgate have bots?

Yes, Splitgate still has bots and you’ll probably come across them more often than you realize.

In your first game, you’ll be pitted against bots – and bots alone – so don’t get too excited if you boot up the game and laser everyone in sight. Bots are also prevalent in custom games, so if you’re looking to get some practice in before going toe to toe online with others via Splitgate crossplay, this is the best place to start.

You will also find bots in casual games. Given the current state of the game, the player count is very small as more and more players ultimately move on from one of the best FPS games. This means that bots can and will reinforce you to get you portal-slinging.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about Splitgate bots. While they’re not human, don’t go too hard on them – it’s a tough job clearly.