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Splatoon 3 hairstyles - Inkling and Octoling fashion sense

Here are all the Splatoon 3 hairstyles and what they say about you, your Inkling, and your Octoling in Nintendo's latest splat-tastic competitive shooter

Splatoon 3 hairstyles inklings and octolongs with weapons

The Inklings and Octolings make a return in Splatoon 3 and we couldn’t be more excited to paint our way to victory across lots of new maps, with lots of new weapons in some 4v4 action. Splatoon is one of Nintendo’s freshest new IPs and the third entry in the series brings some of the deepest gameplay and customization yet, including a bunch of Splatoon 3 hairstyles.

And it isn’t just weapons and levels getting new customization options – Splatoon 3 hairstyles are also getting an overhaul, with lots of new versions of them being added to alter your appearance. This goes for both Inklings and Octolings since you can choose to play as an Octoling character this time.

We’ve compiled all the hairstyles available in Splatoon 3 and what they mean so that you can create the Inkling or Octoling (ew) of your dreams.

Splatoon 3 hairstyles

Here are the eight Splatoon 3 hairstyles in the game:

  • Half-braid
  • Messy bob
  • Cornrows
  • Slicked back
  • Waves
  • Shaved back and sides
  • Braided Pigtails
  • Quiff

Inkling Hairstyles

splatoon 3 hairstyles half braid inkling


The half-braid is similar to the original Splatoon’s Inkling girl hairstyle, but this time one tentacle is braided to give you a punk-ey attitude. This hairstyle is for Splatoon players looking for a small twist on the original formula. You’re a grizzled veteran and love to get in the thick of it with a roller.

splatoon 3 hairstyles messy bob inkling

Messy bob

Inkling players who want to show their wild side will love the messy bob. It has that joke rolled out of bed look that tells Octoling enemies you don’t even have to try to look good on the splatfloor.

splatoon 3 hairstyles cornrows inkling


Shaping your tentacles into cornrows tells Inkopolis you grew up in Moray Towers and are proud of it. You’re most likely found rolling around Octolings while coating them with your Splat Dualies.

splatoon 3 hairstyles slicked back inkling

Slicked back

Slicked back hair is for the suave and sophisticated; it’s for the guy or gal who stands on high ground with a Splatterscope because they’re above getting dirty on the floor with rollers and buckets that lob ink everywhere.

Octoling Hairstyles

splatoon 3 hairstyles waves octolings


If you play as an Octoling, the waves hairstyle has that throwback grunge vibe. This hairstyle is for the artistic types who love to throw ink everywhere by fighting with sloshers. Wave-wearers are often found splattered in ink, admiring their abstract ink murals.

splatoon 3 hairstyles shaved back and sides octolings

Shaved back and sides

If old school isn’t in your fashion repertoire, the shaved back and sides hairstyle is a statement of your dedication to the modern, independent Octoling. The in-your-face attitude of this hairstyle is right at home adorned on the Octoling who wants to be in your face with a blaster.

splatoon 3 hairstyles braided pigtails octolings

Braided pigtails

Braided pigtails might give your Octoling a cutesy look, but there’s also a dash of sass that comes with that. The braided pigtail Octoling will suddenly appear from behind a wall with a fully charged splatling gun and splat the whole enemy team with a smirk.

splatoon 3 hairstyles quiff octolings


The quiff is for Octoling delinquents who can be found congregating in the back alleys off Inkopolis Square. They almost certainly carry a brella so they can quickly deflect attacks and then splatback with a scattershot of ink. Approach with caution.

These are all the Splatoon 3 hairstyles and some extra details on the design and what we think the style represents when it comes to your Inkling or Octoling of choice. We’re excited to be back inking other players online with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and playing on the wide selection of maps in the game.