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Shredders release date leaked for Game Pass and Xbox

We hope you've waxed your board! The Shredders release date is finally on the way to Xbox Game Pass and Xbox platforms, alongside PC

Shredders Release Date: A snowboarder mid-air

January 27, 2022 Shredders has now been spotted on Steam with a later release date. Foam Punch has cryptically responded to a fan seeking clarification on the game’s release date.

The Shredders release date has just leaked online ahead of an official announcement from Foam Punch. The snowboarding game, developed “for riders, by riders”, was originally due to release on Xbox Series X|S and PC in December 2021 – however, it is now due to be released on March 17, 2022, according to the United Kingdom Microsoft Store.

Foam Punch’s Shredders is offering players a glimpse into the world of professional snowboarding through its open environments and gameplay inspired by real-world pros. If you’re looking for a game to scratch that extreme sports itch, this seems like it could be the perfect title for you.

Shredders was originally due to release on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass in December 2021 – however, it was pushed back to Spring 2022. With many players expecting this game to be released in February 2022, due to the Shredders Twitter account’s bio, it’s fantastic to see Shredders release date confirmed for March 17, 2022.

This Shredders release date could be amended, though.

Earlier today, Shredders was added to the Steam storefront and is now available to wishlist on the platform. Shredders’ release date is currently listed as “This Winter” on this page, however, and does not reflect the leaked release date of March 17, 2022, seen on the United Kingdom Microsoft Store.

When responding to a fan who questioned the developer about the leaked release date on Twitter, Foam Punch responded with “team we have some work to do”. This does neither confirm or deny the leaked release date, but we could see the March 17 release date amended in the future.

Shredders is a “kick-ass snowboarding” game that has “powder so fresh you’ll lose yourself for hours carving down the mountains”. With hand-sculpted environments and a huge mountain range to explore with your friends, this game fits perfectly into the Xbox Game Pass March 2022 free games library.

Shredders is a love letter to snowboarding, taking inspiration from a number of snowboarding movies and the Amped series – from the original Xbox’s game library – for a blockbuster experience that Foam Punch says will have players carving up the mountain like the “snowboarding heroes on Instagram”.

Shredders Release Date: A Screenshot of the Shredders page on the UK Xbox Store

It’s looking like we can expect an announcement imminently from Foam Punch and confirmation that the game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one. While players might be waiting a little longer than expected, the Xbox Game Pass games library will still look strong until then.

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