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Saints Row 3 cheats: every cheat code in Saints Row The Third

Whether you're on PC, Xbox, or PS3, here are all the Saints Row codes you'll need

Saints Row 3 players wielding big machine guns

If you’ve ever played a Saints Row game, you’ll know it blends an open world with wacky storylines, bizarre costumes, and ludicrous weapons. Saints Row The Third has all of that and more – but there’s still a way of making it wackier.

That’s because, like all the games before it, there’s a variety of Saints Row 3 cheats on offer. From cheats that increase your police notoriety to making your vehicle a pedestrian squishing machine, Saints Row The Third has it all.

So if you’re returning to the game for a quick run about on PC, Xbox PS3 or you’re trying the remastered version out for the first time you’re going to want to try a few of these codes out. It’ll keep your gameplay fresh and interesting, while adding more carnage to the mix. So without further ado, read on for everything you need to know about Saints Row 3 cheats.

How to use Saints Row 3 cheats

If you’re looking to spice up your gameplay with Saints Row 3 cheats, have no fear – using codes is similar to the way you input GTA 4 cheats and GTA 5 cheats. You’ll need to pull up your cell phone (TAB on keyboard, or back on controller), select extras, then cheats.

Once this menu is open, click add cheats, bang in one of the codes we’ve listed for you below, and accept.

Saints Row 3 cheats

Here are the best Saints Row 3 cheats that’ll allow you to wreak havoc in no time:

Saints Row 3 cheat code Description
cheese Get $100,000
whatitmeanstome Gain respect
letsrock Get all weapons
lolz Gang notoriety +1
oops Remove gang notoriety
pissoffpigs Police notoriety +1
goodygoody Remove police notoriety
goldengun One-hit kills
runfast Infinite sprint
repaircar Fix car
vroom Invincible car
isquishyou Vehicle crushes others
notrated Corpses explode
fryhole Corpses rise into  the air
dui Drunk pedestrians
mascot Mascot pedestrians
hohoho Pimps and prostitutes pedestrians
brains Zombie pedestrians

Saints Row 3 player shooting as things explode behind him on the street

Saints Row 3 weapon cheats

If you’re looking to spawn a specific weapon, here are the full list of Saints Row 3 weapon cheats:

Saints Row 3 weapon cheat code Description
givesheperd Get 45 Shepherd
giveapoca Get Apocafists
givear55 Get AR 55
giveultimax Get AS3 Ultimax
givebaseball Get baseball bat
givechainsaw Get chainsaw
givecyber Get Cyber Buster
givecybersmg Get Cyber Blaster
giveblossom Get D4TH Blossom
giveelectric Get electric grenade
giveflamethrower Get flamethrower
giveflashbang Get flashbang
givelauncher Get GL G20 grenade launcher
givedigger Get Grave Digger
givegrenade Get grenade
givekrukov Get K-8 Krukov
givekobra Get KA-1 Kobra
givesniper Get McManus 2015
giveminigun Get minigun
givemolotov Get molotov
givesword Get Nocturne
givercgun Get RC Possessor
givedrone Get Reaper Drone
giverpg Get RPG
givehammer Get S3X hammer
giveairstrike Get SA-3 Airstrike
givesatchel Get satchel charge
giverocket Get Shock Hammer
givesonic Get Sonic Boom
givestungun Get stun gun
givetek Get TEK Z-10
givedildo Get The Perpertrator
giveslm8 Get Viper Laser Rifle

Saints Row 3 vehicle cheats

If you’re sick of jacking the wrong cars constantly, save some time and spawn in the one you actually want. Here are all the Saints Row 3 vehicle cheat codes:

Saints Row 3 vehicle cheat code Description
giveambulance Spawn ambulance
giveanchor  Spawn Anchor
giveattrazione Spawn Attrazione
givebootlegger Spawn Bootlegger
givechallenger Spawn Challenger
givecommander Spawn Commander
givecondor Spawn Condor
giveeagle Spawn Eagle
giveestrada Spawn Estrada
givevtol Spawn F69 VTOL
givegatmobile Spawn  Gatmobile
givekaneda Spawn Kaneda
givekenshin Spawn Kenshin
giveknoxville Spawn Knoxville
givekrukov Spawn Krukob
givemiami Spawn Miami
givemunicipal Spawn Municipal
givenforcer Spawn NForcer
givepeacemaker Spawn Peacemaker
givephoenix Spawn Phonenix
givequasar Spawn Quasar
givereaper Spawn Reaper
givesandstorm Spawn Sandstorm
giveshark Spawn Shark
givespecter Spawn Specter
givesquasar Spawn Squasar
givestatusquo Spawn Status Quo
givetaxi Spawn taxi
givetitan Spawn Titan
givetoad Spawn Toad
givetornado Spawn Tornado
givevortex Spawn Vortex
givevulture Spawn Vulture
givewidowmaker Spawn Widowmaker
givewoodpecker  Spawn Woodpecker

Saints Row 3 player dressed as a cat holding a big dildo weapon

Saints Row 3 cheats money

Looking to make a quick buck on the side? We’ve got you covered. There’s only one Saints Row 3 money cheat and that’s cheese. Type cheese into your cheats menu and it’ll give you $100,000 there and then. Perfect.

Saints Row 3 weather cheats

Sick of the rain? Aren’t we all. Use this cheats to change the weather in Saints Row 3.

Saints Row 3 cheat code Description
clearskies Sunny weather
overcast Cloudy weather
lightrain Rainy weather
heavyrain Stormy weather

That’s all the Saints Row 3 cheats you need to know about. Get out there and cause carnage.