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New Redfall trailer bites back with Far Cry-like FPS action

The new first-person supernatural shooter from Bethesda and Arkane received a gameplay trailer at the Xbox Showcase and it revealed new class-based gameplay

redfall gameplay trailer supernatural enemy smiling with bloody mouth

We got to see Redfall, the supernatural co-op first-person shooter from Bethesda and Arkane, in action via a gameplay trailer at the Xbox Showcase, and it revealed more about the game’s four different characters: Layla, Devinder, Remi de la Rosa, and Jacob.

In the new trailer for this upcoming FPS title, we got to see Layla – one of the Vampire hunters you’ll be playing as – explore a ruined church and, ultimately, come up against some strange bloodsucking creatures. Layla is a telekinetic fighter, so expect her to be well-poised to tackle anything thrown at her. It looks like it’s time to bite back.

The trailer continued to set the tone for what players can expect from this co-op shooter – explaining that everyone’s either a Vampire, a cultist trying to become a Vampire, or dead. Well, except for you and your hunters, anyway. Arkane Austin, the development team behind Prey, also re-confirmed that this game is coming in 2023. Fans looking for a more-specific release date for Redfall will have to wait, but hopefully not too long.

If you want to check out this footage for yourself, you can below:

Redfall was originally revealed in 2021. It’s an open-world FPS game from the studio that created Prey and Dishonored that promotes co-op play and lets you take on supernatural beings together with friends.

Redfall will be launching on Game Pass when it releases and is due to come to Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC.

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