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PlayStation trophies are optional for classic game developers

Sony says PlayStation trophies are optional for developers to include in classics, which is devastating for trophy hunters on the PS5 and PS4

PlayStation Trophies obligation not enforced: Picture features the digital PlayStation 5 and the disc drive PS5. The article is all about the fact trophies aren't an obligation for developers to include

With the announcement of a variety of classic PlayStation titles being available in the new PS Plus roll out from Sony, fans are excitedly waiting for the full roster of games to drop. Sony announced that over 300 games will be coming to this classics line-up by the end of the year, from PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3 titles. Some PS1 games have also been unveiled to have trophy support, with the likes of Syphon Filter, Wild Arms, and Hot Shots Golf getting in on the action. Crushingly for trophy hunting fans, Sony says that PlayStation trophies in classic games are optional for developers.

That’s right in a blog post from Sony, developers have no obligation to include trophy support in older games. There are 13 PS1 classic games announced so far – and only five have trophy support – these are Ape Escape, Wild Arms, Hot Shots Golf, IQ Intelligent Qube, and Syphon Filter.

This could change at a later date, of course, and games that don’t have trophy support could get them further down the line, but with no obligation, it’s likely we’ll see a lack of support overall.

It’s sad news for trophy hunters, particularly those grinding through games in the hopes of unlocking that coveted Platinum trophy, but it’ll still be nice to get our hands on old PlayStation Classics altogether.

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