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Palworld release date, monsters, and more

If catching some monsters and shooting some guns in a new survival RPG game sounds up your alley, then you’ll want to know the Palworld release date.

Palworld release date: Pal with a minigun and player on its back in Palworld trailer

When is the Palworld release date? If you’ve ever played Pokemon and thought “Wow, this would be great with guns”, then you’re a bit strange like me. It turns out that game exists! The upcoming multiplayer survival title Palworld is for you (and me).

Taking the world by storm, and confusion, upon its announcement, the new IP from Pocketpair, Palworld, looks to be an exciting blend of different genres. It could even be worthy of our best Xbox survival games list when it finally arrives. Plus Xbox owners will be able to get in on the crazy combination of ideas Pocketpair has created here.

Palworld release date

The Palworld release date is early 2024 for PC, according to a new trailer for the game during Summer Game Fest 2023. The game is also set to arrive on Xbox eventually, but no date was given for that version.

A Palworld PS5 release hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Pocketpair’s last release, Craftopia, only saw a console release on Xbox One and Series X|S, so a PlayStation release is unlikely.

Palworld monsters

We’ve seen a few Palworld monsters, also known as ‘Pals’ since the game’s announcement. Ranging from grass types such as Vaelet, to ground types like TocoToco, and electric types like Boltmane.

Palworld release date: Vaelet in Palworld Pal trailer

It seems like different Pals will offer different benefits for your survival community, whether they’re better for battling or harvesting resources. For example, the sheep-like Pal Lamball looks to be more helpful on a farm as opposed to attacking enemies.

There are also larger Pals which may be similar to legendary Pokemon. These take the form of boss battles, with one called Lyleen, Queen of Lilies, being shown in a recent Pal trailer. You can check out the full Palworld Pal trailer below to see the various monsters you’ll encounter in the game.

YouTube Thumbnail

Palworld gameplay

We’re going to be honest and say that PETA won’t be enjoying this game. Palworld is a multiplayer survival game with monster-catching elements. To survive in this unique world, you’ll need to fight enemies, as well as use your Pals to farm or work in factories for resources. It’s quite like Pokemon, except for that last detail.

If you’re one to treat your little creatures with respect, Palworld is unlikely to sell you on its premise. However, if you want virtual monsters to be your tools to progress, well the game is for you and the latest gameplay trailer shows the game looking better than it ever has before.

YouTube Thumbnail

That’s everything we currently know about the Palworld release date. Until the game arrives, why not check out our best games of all time list to find something new to play until you can finally catch some Pals. And, if you want more monster-hunting adventures check out our guide on the best Pokemon Scarlet pokemon and best Pokemon Violet pokemon you can obtain.

Keen to play Palworld on the PC? Check to see if your rig meets the Palworld system requirements.