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How much is the Overwatch 2 battle pass price?

Overwatch 2 is free to play, but what is the price of the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass? Here's how much it will cost to unlock new characters in the hero shooter

overwatch 2 battle pass price new hero kiriko

Overwatch 2 made some glaring changes to the series, like going free to play instead of being a paid-for product, and this includes the addition of a new battle pass. But, what is the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass price?

You can spend hundreds of hours unlocking all the content in Overwatch 2, like new heroes and skins, but buying the Battle Pass will speed up your progress exponentially and allow you to get your hands on all the good cosmetic items.

So, what is the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass price? Below, you’ll find everything you need to know.

How much is the Overwatch 2 battle pass price?

The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass will cost 1,000 Overwatch Coins, which equates to $10 USD. The Season 1 Battle Pass will be free if you have bought the Overwatch 2 Watchpoint Pack. It isn’t clear how much 1,000 Overwatch Coins will cost in other currencies yet, but it will likely be approximately £7.99 GBP and a similar amount in euros.

Players who buy the Battle Pass or who have purchased the original Overwatch will gain access to Kiriko, a new support hero connected to Genji and Hanzo.

Overwatch Coins are Overwatch 2’s new premium currency. Overwatch 2 has premium currency because it is free to play, whereas you had to purchase the first game.

That’s everything we know about the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass price. For a full and up-to-date list of all the characters, you can play, read our Overwatch 2 heroes guide. If you’re simply looking for the best heroes to pick to dominate, then you can check out our Overwatch 2 tier list too.