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Active NBA 2K21 Locker Codes: Tokens, players, and more

Every NBA 2K21 Locker Code you need to get ahead in MyTeam.

 All of the NBA 2K21 locker codes have expired except for the starter code, and new codes are no longer being released for this older title.

NBA 2K21 had a few interesting game modes up its sleeves – which was even more impressive when you consider it wears a vest – but most of them lead back to MyTeam. NBA 2K21 continued the series’ online team-building mode, similar to FIFA or Madden’s Ultimate Team, and to get ahead, you wanted locker codes.

These locker codes would grant Tokens, VC, or packs for MyTeam, and would change throughout the season with different MyTeam events or promotions. Sometimes, locker codes could even grant specific player cards to instantly give your team a shot in the arm. Because they refreshed throughout the year, it was important to keep checking back for new updates across the season – especially as codes didn’t last long. In fact, with NBA 2K21 no longer being the latest entry in the series, all of its locker codes have since expired – except for the basic beginner code – and no new codes are issued anymore.

Nevertheless, here’s how the system used to work, as well as all the expired codes.

What were locker codes in NBA 2k21?

These secret codes were used to redeem special MyTeam rewards. They could only be claimed once per player, but there was no limit on how many codes any given player redeemed across a season. If you grabbed enough of them, you’d quickly see improvements to your MyTeam experience.

How did you redeem NBA 2K21 locker codes?

From the Main Menu, you had to head to MyTeam, then scroll along to Extras. From there, you would see a box marked Locker Codes. Select this and you could then type in all the codes to redeem their rewards.

All active NBA 2K21 locker codes

This is the only NBA 2K21 locker code which has not expired:

Locker Code Rewards Expiration Date
MY-TEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB 1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Basketball Pack Never

Every other locker code issued in the past is no longer active, unfortunately. This means that it’s much harder to get ahead in MyTeam today compared to release.