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Enjoy the Platinum Jubilee wherever you are with this Minecraft map

What better way is there to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee than in Minecraft? This NVIDIA-commissioned map brings the street party to your scree

Minecraft Jubilee Party: Guards walking down the pall mall

Across the pond, us Brits are getting ready for four days of parties, courtesy of the Queen’s Platinum jubilee. In the most British way possible, people will be lining the streets with their little Union Jack flags, eating sandwiches with their neighbours in Union Jack-laden street parties, and watching as celebrities do their thing on the tellybox.

It’s a typically British thing, but if you’re outside of the UK, you won’t have the chance to join in the celebrations in person. But, thanks to a NVIDIA commission, you’ll be able to virtually enjoy a Jubilee street party, as well as a tour around the Pall Mall via Minecraft with RTX.

This stunning world, which took specialist artist Ushio Tokura and his team 650 hours within a two week period to build, consists of 45 million blocks and covers a virtual area of roughly 830,000 square feet. Within it is the iconic Buckingham Palace, Pall Mall, and a street party, which comes complete with all the cake Marie Antionette could shake a stick at.

While it won’t feature the anti-monarchists grumbling about the Queen or even neighbours who’ve taken bank holiday drinking to the next level, it will give you a chance to catch a glimpse of the royal guards on the Pall Mall wearing their special platinum coloured jackets, as well as Buckingham palace in pixel-perfect sunlight.

Knowing the UK, it’ll probably rain during all of this, but at least in your virtual street party you won’t have to make a run for the nearest gazebo. Instead, you’ll have to endure games like pin the tail on the corgi, endless droning from your neighbours, and more. What could be better than that?

Oh, and it’ll be capped off by a fireworks show that uses ray tracing to light up the incredibly crafted world around you.

Unfortunately this experience is only available to those on PC, but if it sounds right up your street, grab yourself a glass of Pimms, make yourself some coronation chicken sandwiches, and stick Tokura’s creation on download.