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Best tactics and strategy to free homesteads in Minecraft Legends

Find out how you can free homesteads, defeats mobs, and make friends for life as you are protecting the Overworld and its inhabitants.

Minecraft Legends Free Homesteads: A player can be seen

The best ways to free homesteads in Minecraft Legends is to free mobs so they join the battle, create convenient respawn points, and focus on the portal at the end of the siege. These tips will make completing the objective a breeze!

Minecraft Legends is set in a stunning world teeming with life. From the creatures roaming the land to the ambient weather patterns you can come up against, the world is lived in and begging to be explored. Where in the traditional version of Minecraft, mobs like zombies and creepers were primed to attack you, Legends flips the script, making them victims of the Piglins and in need of your help.

Freeing homesteads in Minecraft Legends will not only help you save these mobs but also build up your own attack power, as they will become allies that you can spawn in battle. These tips were all found in our Minecraft Legends walkthrough playthrough and our Minecraft Legends review playthrough.

How to free homesteads in Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends, iconic villains are up for grabs. All you need to do to get them onside is to reclaim their homes from the invading Piglin Force and rally them into a frenzied victory. Across your map, you’ll see icons for Creepers, Skeletons and Zombies with plumes of smoke attached; this is where you can find your potential allies. Heading here will begin the fight, so make sure you’ve collected all your essential resources before making your way there.

The Homestead battles come in three phases. The first phase is a rescue mission where you’ll find a number of mobs locked up across the small town, with the pesky Piglins attacking the surrounding buildings. The main goal in this first phase is to free enough of the mobs to convince them to fight alongside you.

While it may feel like attacking the Piglins is important, they will continue to stream in with no end, so distracting them with your own team while freeing the mobs should be the focus over clearing the area. Once you’ve freed the Mobs, they will join you, and you can call them with your banner and send them to fight.

This is where the second phase kicks in. Next to the Homesteads will be a base settlement with Piglin Pits, Blaze Rod Towers and a Portal at the centre. This battle will deliver a killing blow, sending the Piglins flying, so pulling out all the stops resource-wise is critical. Once the portal has been destroyed, the Piglins will retreat, and you will have the mob’s favour. They will now be added to your attack hotbar for all future battles.

The final phase of Homestead missions is maintenance. From here, you can treat these locations like villages by fortifying their defences using walls, arrow towers, and more. The Piglins will attack with random raids, so keep an eye on your map for any red auras around homesteads, as this indicates that an assault is coming.

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Best Ways to Free Homesteads in Minecraft Legends

Take on Piglin hordes and help out lovable mobs with our favourite tactics:

Make friends with the locals

  • Once free, mobs can join the battle
  • Bolster your attack power

While trying to free homsesteads you will find groups of mobs locked up. These mobs can be rallied and used once freed, so getting to them early in the siege makes a big difference. Initially, the mobs may not be very helpful, but as you continue to release more and more of them, they will gain new confidence and begin to fight alongside you.

Minecraft Legends Free Homesteads: A player can be seen

Save your progress

  • Create convenient respawn points
  • Speed up getting back to the action

If things go poorly and you end up needing to respawn, Wellhousesare the best way to get back into action. Building one near a homestead you’re trying to liberate will ensure a fast recovery, allowing you to capitalise on the progress of your mobs. This will also help you out in the future, as you’ll have a handy persistent respawn point for when Piglins set their sights on nearby bases.

Minecraft Legends Free Homesteads: A player can be seen spawning mobs

Hit em’ where it hurts

  • Focus on the portal to end their siege
  • Use all of your resources to deliver a decisive blow

In the second phase of the fight, you might be running low on resources, so ending the battle as soon as possible can be important. As you move to the Piglin stronghold, you’ll find a miniature version of a Horde base. This phase of the battle is about using everything you have to destroy the portal, which includes your new mob friends. Use your banner and what resources you have left to focus on the portal and bring the Piglin offensive to its knees.

Minecraft Legends Free Homesteads: Players can be seen

While freeing homesteads can look scary at first, once you get the mobs on your side and leverage your power, you’ll find new confidence and cute, powerful friends along the way. The best tactics and ways to free homesteads in Minecraft Legends all involve working as a team with the world and mobs around you.