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Best tactics and strategies to destroy bases in Minecraft Legends

Grab fear by the horns and take down enemy bases with these helpful combat tips and tricks as you are completing objectives in the Overworld

Minecraft Legends Destroy Bases: A player can be seen

The best ways to destroy bases in Minecraft Legends is to match your mount to the enemy’s weakness, take down structures as fast as possible, and reduce enemy numbers by taking out spawners. These will all help you tackle the challenges you face and tough fights.

Knowing the best tactics and ways to destroy bases in Minecraft Legends can help you earn important resources and progress the story, getting you closer to some fun boss battles and important improvements that can upgrade your abilities and add extra excitement to your Piglin-bashing strategic odyssey.

How to destroy bases in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends features a trilogy of hordes to take on, each with their own quirks in battle. You can spot them on the map, denoted by a specific colour depending on the horde. Each horde has a set of bases of varying difficulties that you must work through in order to wipe them from the map.

If you see a sparkling effect hovering over a specific base, that means it is upgrading, or the Piglins are expanding their territory. One quick tip would be to hightail it over there as soon as you spot this icon effect, as it will help prevent tougher fights going forward. You may even be able to topple each base before it fully forms, saving you some trouble later on.

For fully formed bases with all the bells and whistles, your main focus will be destroying the Portal. This purple whirling symbol of power will sit centrally in the Piglin’s camps, surrounded by brutes and blaze rod towers. Even if the battlefield is full of buildings, once the Portal goes down, it’s game over for the Nether-dwelling baddies. It’s important to know that, in some cases, these portals may have a red lava glow. This means it’s under protection, and you will need to find the nearby ringed towers and destroy them to do any damage to the Portal itself.

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Base Types in Minecraft Legends

The Horde of the Hunt

The Horde of the Hunt is a speedy and focused group, serving relentless waves of targeted attacks and taking out your mobs before they can finish their tasks. These overwhelming waves can be stopped by focusing early attacks on their spawners, such as the Piglin Pits and Piglin Launchers.

Minecraft Legends Destroy Bases: A person can be seen

The Horde of the Spore

The Horde of the Spore is frustrating to deal with as they use poison mist and status effects to slow your success. With awkward to-manoeuvre bases overrun with frustrating Piglin attackers, having healing mobs with you like Grindstone Golems and Mossy Golems would be ideal for protecting your soldiers as they attack. The Horde of the Spore also tend to camp in elevated positions, so get ready to build ramps between their outposts and use Redstone Launchers to wear them down from a distance.

Minecraft Legends Destroy Bases: A person can be seen

The Horde of the Bastion

The Horde of the Bastion are heavy-hitting troupe with a large tolerance for pain. The Bastion’s defensive, maze like bases can be hard to break down and require significant firepower and mob commitment Taking this enemy type on last may be your best option once you’ve picked up plenty of improvements and tactical knowhow, as you’re going to lose a lot of creatures in the process.

Best ways to destroy bases in Minecraft Legends

Break through to bases and send the Piglins running with these tips and tricks for battling in Minecraft Legends:

Minecraft Legends Destroy Bases: A person can be seen

Uproot the enemy

  • Reduce enemy numbers by taking out spawners
  • Clear room for free movement on big bases

As you take on bases, you’ll be put under pressure by an onslaught of Piglin enemies. These hordes will continue to spew up from the Nether until you take out their portal or find their spawn point. Piglin Pits, denoted by their square shape and black flag-like exterior, and Piglin Launchers – tall towers with a black and white colour scheme, are both important early targets that will reduce the number of pigs you’ll face on the battlefield.

Not only do the little enemies get in the way of free movement, but they can also take down precious and expensive mobs before they reach their target. Making space to move is key to getting to the portal quickly and efficiently, so getting rid of the waves as early as possible is key.

Minecraft Legends Destroy Bases: A person can be seen crafting bases

Clear the air

  • Clean Netherrack at base edges to build closer structures
  • Stop the back and forth

One of the Improvements you can choose at the Well of Fate is to Cure Netherrack. In battles, you’ll find yourself unable to build spawners on enemy ground, and this skill allows you to get past it. Dealing with Netherrack is frustrating at first, however, once this improvement is in effect, you can use allays to move into the battlefield, creating green space that is perfect for building.

As bases grow in complexity, moving between spawners and the base can leave you open to more attacks, so setting yourself up by removing the Netherrack on the edges prior to engaging in full battle can save you precious resources.

Minecraft Legends Destroy Bases: A person can be seen

Creep into battle

  • Save resources with tactical mob spawns
  • Take down structures fast

Creepers are the kings of structure-destroying power. Using these little titans can help you take down the Hordes’ most frustrating buildings with little effort. Just keep in mind that the explosive nature of the friendly green mob means that once they go off, they’re finished, and you don’t want to be constantly replacing a resource-heavy way ally.

Instead, send in two or three creepers at a time with some protective low-cost cover to clean up bases without hurting your coffers.

Minecraft Legends Destroy Bases: A person can be seen attacking the portal

Mount your attack

  • Match your mount to the enemy’s weakness
  • Level the playing field

As you tackle each horde, you’ll need to find new tactical advantages and alternate measures to take them down. Your mount is an extremely useful tool that can turn hard-to-access bases into easy-to-explore playgrounds. For example, the Brilliant Beetle can easily scale mountains and structures, making it particularly useful when going against the Horde of the Spore, whose bases sit high on Netherrack towers.

Now you have all the best tactics and ways to take down bases in Minecraft Legends; you can fight tooth and nail for the realm without the pain of wasted resources and raid failures. At first, Piglin armies may feel scary, but once you get to grips with who you’re fighting, unlock a few handy mobs, and upgrade, you’ll be on an even playing field in no time. If you’re looking for more on tactical advantages in Minecraft Legends, check out our best tactics and ways to free homesteads in Minecraft Legends and more in our Minecraft Legends walkthrough.