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Mario Strikers Battle League Football trailer breaks down the gameplay

Are you ready to duke it out with your friends in the new Nintendo Switch game Mario Strikers Battle League Football? Check out the trailer here

Mario Strikers Battle League Football overview trailer: An image of Luigi's Hyper Strike from Mario Strikers on Switch

Nintendo has just dropped the new trailer for Mario Strikers Battle League Football. The trailer gives fans an overview of the game, showcasing some of the iconic characters fans have grown to love in action Fans will be able to see the likes of Princess Peach obliterate her opponents in this high-octane football game. Each playable character comes with their own unique stats as well as abilities.

Mario Strikers has a variety of abilities you will be able to take advantage of whilst playing – Team Tackle allows you to fling one of your teammates across the pitch, getting them closer to your enemy’s goal. Then with buffs like Hyper Strike, you’ll be able to unleash each character’s unique kick that can net you an extra two goals with each score.- Some examples include Luigi who creates a giant hurricane that sweeps across the pitch and Princess Peach who unleashes a giant heart that hypnotises your competitors.

So why not get busy creating your perfect team that you can use to take down all of your friends – get throwing those banana peels at them while you’re at it.

Check out the Mario Strikers Battle League Football trailer down below for a more in-depth overview of what to expect when the game launches.

So get all your friends around and duke it out in this 5v5 Mario Strikers Battle League Football game coming to Nintendo Switch.