Knockout City codes – free icons, banners, and more

Give your profile a boost with these free Knockout City codes

If you’ve been playing Knockout City – EA’s hit dodgeball team-based sports game – recently, the chances are you’ve turned into quite the professional. But in between mastering Patches O’Houlihan’s five D’s of dodgeball – dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge – you’ve probably found yourself wanting more than just epic battles: new cosmetics.

Well luckily for you, there are a whole load of fancy new cosmetics to customise your character in-game, and you don’t have to spend a single penny to nab them. From intricate player and crew logos to quirky banners, Knockout City has them all.

So if you’re wondering how to get your hands them, wonder no more. Here is a full list of Knockout City codes, which we keep updated, including details on what each code is for, and how you can redeem it.

These are the latest Knockout City codes

Knockout City active codes

  • A844-VTSD-ECRV-8PSX-3MW4 – Northern Lions cosmetics
  • 3TYQ-LFML-EUT9-B5G3-MPWB – Gorillaphent cosmetics
  • 9MRZ-V5T9-VQP3-6FNU-ZVDG – Unity icon
  • 52T3-BMJD-3QNL-BQWB-LWK9 – All Pride 2021 icons
  • E3HZ-3L9Z-CTML-4S2Y-FHQC – Agender player icon
  • 9UY8-XR8S-T6EP-5TH4-ZPE5 – Aromantic player icon
  • 85N6-P3YM-7WZA-JLNV-UFQG – Demiromantic player icon
  • 42NE-CVAQ-E8U2-SWR4-X5VN – Demisexual player icon
  • 7YPF-H4VP-YYNH-AX4G-H2W8 – Gender fluid player icon
  • B2PP-FKZL-JTCP-DQ67-T9JS – Demiboy player icon
  • EZ6N-N6UQ-86Y3-TMT9-3YVF – Demigirl player icon
  • B9J2-S95N-7KY2-LFEA-WL4V – Deminonbinary player icon
  • 7UVD-FHPE-TMZR-NG4E-GTZK – Lesbian player icon
  • 8AKK-5J7B-28JK-CKSM-XMME – Men loving men player icon
  • 6RRH-K992-EQZ2-XY7T-3KJH – Nonbinary player icon
  • 4STB-BMKL-YFDU-JK2J-4UG5 – Genderqueer player icon
  • 8HCL-5LSW-Z653-NPWY-6RJK – Intersex player icon
  • FS7F-APXD-H2DD-YMNV-AU5U – Omnisexual player icon
  • 24W6-JS56-JNWC-NZ4U-VK58 – Pansexual player icon
  • DL5D-RPDS-VF2K-VHVR-WMKW – Philly Pride flag player icon
  • 6XDD-6TUG-TRNU-7PPK-4WFR – Polysexual player icon
  • 7L2J-A4YU-NP2Q-W2HZ-54QZ – Transgender player icon
  • 22PP-HLPD-83VD-MM55-TPBA – Asexual player icon
  • 89FF-U7WG-39FK-L2FE-AHUT – Bigender player icon
  • 3Q22-D6XR-L42E-HGT9-VCCU – Bisexual player icon
  • FL5V-NFAB-9AXV-9UV8-U4CW – Austria flag player icon
  • 7WAA-4D2A-ZTFF-BZTV-HQZH – Italy flag player icon
  • 2EFP-4WB4-WLDT-AUPP-BSLA – Netherlands flag player icon
  • FHZ9-Z36L-29NH-8NZR-DXDR – Czech Republic flag player icon
  • 6UDV-9JED-69N9-GLMX-H5RE – Denmark flag player icon
  • HLSA-JDQH-SPG3-J9VC-JJXB – England flag player icon
  • F2XX-9RV2-EJ6X-52BY-FBXK – France flag player icon
  • 5E5M-VPMX-64AJ-SX5Y-J6E6 – Germany flag player icon
  • 3LKT-8GTY-FWPV-BC2Z-NAEL – Portugal flag player icon
  • AFUC-H5GA-TXXW-93QQ-YL5R – Spain flag player icon
  • 2UZR-Z9WW-PN95-93XN-XAAD – Sweden flag player icon
  • ANF7-2QQS-4WXS-YBYK-YBKX – Switzerland flag player icon
  • CNRR-WPM8-5ZWU-3DZP-ZYVK – Belgium flag player icon
  • HGRH-4PJQ-V95S-BRP2-BU4B – Croatia flag player icon
  • A7EE-9YMB-BHNQ-KZ9B-G8L2 – Ukraine flag player icon
  • 4V5V-GTAH-TAZY-5UD9-GEFX – Wales flag player icon
  • 59N6-E5TT-EGN3-KB9P-C8KM – BLM player icons

Knockout City expired codes

  • GBHZ-X7NQ-TET4-CUDF-C9S7 AyChristene cosmetics
  • 5HMV-6K27-FLSZ-4LXN-W5LF – Jonsandman cosmetics
  • 8XB3-TMBK-RYKR-6FKW-G5FE – H20Delirious code

How to redeem Knockout City codes

If you’re confused about how to redeem Knockout City codes, don’t worry – it’s easy. Follow the steps below:

  • Launch the game
  • From the main menu, click on ‘More…’
  • Select ‘Redeem Code’
  • Enter your chosen code
  • Click ‘Submit’

Once you’ve redeemed your chosen code, your new cosmetic will be sitting in your inventory ready to use.


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