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Horizon Forbidden West patch 1.06 stops Aloy mentioning her stash all the time

Aloy talks a lot in Horizon Forbidden West, but Guerrilla games is giving her a bit of a breather with patch 1.06

Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.06 Aloy Stash: Two images, one of a Tremor Tusk and another of Aloy in the desert

Horizon Forbidden West is a triumphant second outing for Aloy, the series’ protagonist, but it isn’t without its faults. One thing players are finding an issue with is Aloy’s talking. Ashly Burch gives a tremendous performance throughout, but Aloy just talks a lot. About everything. Almost all of the time. It’s hard to not find it annoying and a miracle that any other character can get a word in. Thankfully, Guerrilla Games is taking steps towards toning her contributions down a bit with patch 1.06. Aloy isn’t going to mention her stash “quite as often as before” following the new update.

With scavenging and looting a major part of Horizon Forbidden West, players are going to be picking up a lot of resources and scattered machine parts on their travels – especially if they want to make the most out of some of the advanced ammo types in-game and use the best Horizon Forbidden West weapons available.

Aloy can only carry a certain amount of resources at any one time and, if she loots something she can’t fit in her pouch, she sends it to her stash.

This is far from a bad feature, and it’s one that players will most likely be taking advantage of a lot. The only problem is that, like everything else, Aloy likes to mention it. In fact, before patch 1.06, she’d mention she’s sending something to her stash almost every time. When you throw in her comments about the ruins she’s exploring, the machines she’s facing, and the current questline you have active, you do tend to crave just a moment of silence.

Thankfully, Guerrilla is giving Aloy a bit of a breather and tweaking the amount of times her stash will be mentioned. We don’t know how much this has been changed, but players can keep an eye on the left of their screens for information on which items are being stashed and which ones Aloy is shoving into her pouch.

This change will be the most celebrated one in patch 1.06, but it’s far from the most important. Guerrilla has also fixed a number of graphics issues and implemented several crash fixes. In addition to this, it has fixed several progression issues within the main questline. You can check out the complete patch notes here.