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GTA 6 reveal rumours rife as Rockstar reportedly prep announcement

Grand Theft Auto could be getting an announcement says French journalist Chris Klippel. Although what this news could be is unknown - maybe a GTA 6 reveal

GTA 6 Rockstar: Rockstar are rumoured to have an announcement in the works, this is has caused speculation with fans about a possible GTA 6 announcement

In the last 24 hours, the Grand Theft Auto community has been awash with rumours, following a suggestion from a reputable Rockstar insider that the developer is set to reveal a brand new game.

French journalist Chris Klippel tweeted out the news that an imminent announcement from Rockstar is in the works – he just doesn’t know what it’s about, other than he believes it’ll be an entirely new project for Rockstar. Of course, this hasn’t been confirmed so you’ll want to take it with a pinch of salt, but given Klippel’s track record and the fact we’re just around the corner from the next State of Play and Summer Game Fest, anything could happen.

Naturally, the lack of information has sent the gaming community spiralling. It has, after all, been five long years since Rockstar released Red Dead Redemption 2 into the wild, following up only with numerous updates to Grand Theft Auto 5. Fans of the GTA series hope that this announcement will focus on GTA 6, especially considering that Rockstar confirmed in February that it was now in active development.

If this rumoured announcement isn’t to do with GTA 6, then maybe, it could be an expansion to GTA 5 in the form of DLC. However, with Klippel stating it will be a new project from Rockstar, this seems unlikely. Rumours of a Red Dead Redemption remake have long been circulating, so maybe we’ll be able to go back to Mexico with John Marston after all.

Either way now is the perfect time to get our hands on some Rockstar news. Sony’s direct is set to take place tomorrow, followed by Summer Game Fest on June 9, so it’s likely we’ll hear about this announcement soon.

Whether it’ll be the GTA 6 release date, news on yet another GTA 5 update, or something a little more exotic, only time will tell.