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Fortnite Pac-Man crossover coming to battle royale next month

A Fortnite Pac-Man skin is coming to Epic Games' battle royale shooter soon, but it's not actually going to bring the iconic character to the free-to-play game

Fortnite Pac-Man skin: An image of Pac-Man pointing to the Fortntie logo

The day we were all waiting for has finally arrived. Another one of gaming’s most iconic mascots is coming to Fortnite, courtesy of a collaboration between Epic Games and Bandai Namco. Finally, a Pac-Man skin is coming to Fortnite – and we can’t wait. If you’re worried about sticking out like a sore thumb, you don’t need to be. Interestingly, this skin isn’t going to actually introduce Pac-Man to the popular battle royale game – rather, it’s going to feature “Pac-Man motif items”.

If you’re wondering what this actually means, you’re not alone. Epic Games, and Bandai Namco, haven’t shared any official images of the upcoming collaboration. However, you can look at official Pac-Man merch to get some idea of the sorts of things we might see – as these all sport a Pac-Man motif, too.

At the moment, there’s only evidence of a very brief official announcement from Bandai Namco on its English-language site – before this, the official Japanese-language Pac-Man website explained that the collaboration between the two will begin on June 2, 2022.

However, that’s about it – which isn’t helpful. Here’s what was said in the very short announcement:

“ The collaboration between the online games “Fortnite” and “Pac-Man” sold and distributed by Epic Games has been decided!

“ Items with the “Pac-Man” motif will appear. [Collaboration start date and time] June 2, 2022 (Thursday)

“ Please look forward to the follow-up report. Event period and contents are subject to change without notice.”

While we are expecting another announcement from Bandai Namco, we’re anticipating that the bulk of the information about this collaboration will be shared by Epic Games in an announcement at a later date.

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