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Fortnite Foundation challenges – how to unlock The Foundation

It's about drive, it's about power, it's about unlocking The Rock in Fortnite - here's how you can with a new set of Fortnite Foundation challenges

Fortnite Foundation Challenges: The Foundation without a helmet with his eyebrow raised

Epic Games has packed an epic amount of content in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 and each mid-season update is unlocking more of that for the players. The Foundation, portrayed by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, is one of the most sought-after outfits from Chapter 3 Season 1’s content and now you can unlock it through a new set of Fortnite Foundation challenges.

The Foundation was first introduced as a major part of Fortnite’s lore in Epic Games’ Zero Crisis Finale short. Since then, he has washed up in Gotham Harbour, brushed shoulders with Batman, and saved Agent Jones – and Fortnite Island – from the Cube Queen.

It’s safe to say that The Foundation is going to be an important part of Fortnite going forward. It isn’t going to be easy to unlock this new outfit, but it’s not impossible either. Here’s everything you need to know about the new set of Fortnite Foundation challenges you can complete.

Fortnite Foundation challenges

Following Fortnite’s v19.20 title update, a complete set of The Foundation challenges have been data-mined and revealed by iFireMonkey via Twitter. If you want to unlock The Foundation and his associated cosmetics, you will need to complete the following challenges:

  • Visit Mighty Monument, a Seven Outpost, and Sanctuary – 0/3
    • Reward: The Foundation (Outfit)
  • Deal melee damage to opponents – 0/100
    • Reward: Foundation’s Plasma Spike (Pickaxe)
  • Assist in eliminating Gunnar – 0/1
    • Reward: Tactical Visor Toggle (Built-In Emote)
  • Land at a Seven Outpost, then finish top 10 – 0/2
    • Reward: The Rocket Wing (Glider)
  • Search chests or ammo boxes at Covert Cavern – 0/3
    • Reward Foundation’s Fortune (Emote)
  • Snipe an opponent with a Sniper Rifle while crouching – 0/1
    • Reward: Foundation’s Mantle (Back Bling)
  • Deal headshot damage to players with common or uncommon weapons – 0/500
    • Reward: The Foundation (Combat Elite) (Outfit Style)
  • Deal damage to opponents from above with Shotguns or SMGs – 0/1000
    • Reward: The Foundation (Tactical) (Outfit Style)
  • Use shield potions in a single match – 0/4
    • Reward: True Foundation (Spray)
  • Hire a Character and travel 1000 metres with them – 0/1000
    • Reward: Foundational (Wrap)
  • Complete all of The Foundation Quests – 0/10
    • The Rocket Wing (Stealth) (Glider Style)

These challenges are subject to change at the moment, so we will keep this article updated with any amendments if they are made.

The Foundation release date

The Fortnite Foundation challenges release date has not yet been revealed. After all, these challenges have been datamined so far. However, we do expect The Foundation and the new set of Fortnite Foundation challenges will be unlocked and live in-game from February 3.

Well, that’s all we know about the new set of Fortnite Foundation challenges and how you can unlock The Foundation in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1. Some of the challenges are easier than others – we recommend that you check out our guide on the best Fortnite weapons for Chapter 3 Season 1 before you tackle any of them.

It’s good to be prepared; a lot of people will be trying to complete these challenges at the same time, so you’ll want to have your trigger finger ready.