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Epic Games disable Fortnite Deku Smash mythic without ETA for fix

The My Hero Academia tie-in Fortnite mythic Deku's Smash has been disabled in Epic Games' battle royale indefinitely, and there's no explanation as to why

Fortnite Deku Smash mythic disabled: an image of My Hero Academia anime skin in the battle royale

We know it goes somewhat without saying, but the My Hero Academia collaboration with Epic Games’ battle royale Fortnite is fantastic. However, as with everything nowadays, it isn’t perfect. In fact, it’s so not-perfect that Epic Games has actually disabled the Fortnite Deku Smash mythic in-game until further notice. Why is this interesting? Well, there’s no obvious reason as to why it was removed from the game – other than the fact that players are frustrated with how powerful it is.

In the early hours of December 21, Epic Games confirmed that it had “disabled the Deku Smash ability due to an issue” via Fortnite Status on social media. However, there’s no recognition or mention of this issue on the Fortnite Trello Board – under General Top Issues, Battle Royale Top Issues, or otherwise – and there’s no glaring issue with the mythic when watching gameplay footage. Well, other than the issue that it’s extremely powerful.

If you’ve dropped into Fortnite Island recently, maybe even checking out one of the best Fortnite landing spots, you’ll know full-well how powerful the game’s Deku Smash mythic can be. The best Fortnite weapons don’t really compare to the awe-inspiring destruction that this attack brings.

If you don’t think the Fortnite Deku Smash mythic is quite as powerful as that, we’d like you to check out the clips below – maybe they’ll change your mind.

For example, this player gets no warning whatsoever that they’re about to be demolished:

To whoever says deku smash isn’t overpowered from FortNiteBR

This awesome clip from ‘LaserDank‘ is another example of how powerful Deku Smash is, and how big its’ area of effect damage actually is.

Kicking in with that doom music with Deku smash from FortNiteBR

However, as this unfortunate clip from ‘KYGGyokusai‘ shows, it’s not guaranteed to get you a kill when you wind up to use it. We certainly feel bad for whoever finds themselves gunned down before they can use Deku Smash.

Deku Smash for everyone else: the most busted, one shot kill eziest weapon in the game. Deku Smash for me: from FortNiteBR

But, whether you’re getting clips like the former or unfortunately like the latter, Epic Games has disabled this weapon until further notice. Several players have been seeing it pop up in game since, likely a bug with the mythic appearing in All Might Supply Drops. However, officially, they are unavailable in-game. If you’re wondering why, though, we can’t help you.

Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games out there, but should Epic Games be more transparent with its’ player base? We don’t know, but it would be nice to know why things like this are being disabled.