Fortnite perk exploit makes Winterfest Weekly quest a breeze

Fortnite Winterfest Weekly challenges are here, but a cheeky perk exploit is making one quest in the Epic Games battle royale easy to complete

A fortnite character in the Winterfest Weekly lodge

Fortnite’s Christmas spirit is in the air, as developer Epic Games rolls out a multitude of Winterfest Weekly quests to complete. There’s a hefty amount of XP to get your hands on, and one quest, in particular, can be finished without breaking a sweat. Seriously, it is super easy.

Hop onto Fortnite and you’ll come across a Winterfest Weekly quest that requires you to simply play matches. While this isn’t too difficult to begin with, we all like a shortcut for those sweet XP boosts. To avoid playing multiple matches in Fortnite, you’ll need to equip the Aerialist perk.

The aerialist perk lets you play a lot of matches in one match from FortNiteBR

While perks are randomly assorted in every match, you should come across Aerialist within the first few circle rotations. As demonstrated by Fortnite subreddit user ‘AWilderXWing’, leaping off small ledges while Aerialist is active will count as a full match.

Alternatively, players jumping into Team Rumble will get the same result by respawning after each elimination. We told you it really is that simple. At the time of writing, the challenge can still be fulfilled with this tasty little workaround, but it’s an exploit Epic will likely try and patch up soon.

Earning all that XP can be even better, though, with all Fornite Peely skins. Hey, you might as well look stylish as you drop into Fortnite best landing spots for Chapter 4 Season 1.