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Flintlock The Siege of Dawn release date window, story, gameplay

Grab a new soulslike experience from the team behind Ashen with their new RPG with details ahead of the Flintlock The Siege of Dawn release date.

Flintlock The Siege of Dawn Release Date: A character can be seen

When is the Flintlock The Siege of Dawn release date? This action RPG where you are going to face mighty Gods for revenge was announced back in 2022 and now we all want to know when it’s going to be out. The title promises to give the next step in the soulslike genre by mixing cinematic action with challenging gameplay.

All of that is going to take place in a fantasy world with gods commanding armies of undead that are taking over villages and attacking humans. Flintlock The Siege of Dawn comes from the team behind Ashen and is being published by the same publisher that released Sifu and Scorn last year, Kepler Interactive. So, you can expect quality.

Flintlock The Siege of Dawn release date window

Flintlock The Siege of Dawn is scheduled to be released in 2023 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. The game will also be available on Game Pass at launch. Originally, the game was set for early 2023, but that window passed and no date was announced so we expect a Fall 2023 launch.

Although we still don’t know the exact day this game will be released, it’s set to be in the first half of the year. There haven’t been any official updates regarding the release date yet though.

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Flintlock The Siege of Dawn story

In Flintlock, players venture into a world where conflicts are resolved either with magic or gunpowder. These are going to be your weapons to help humanity survive now that the Door to the Afterlife is open and people are being attacked by undead warriors commanded by gods that were initially taken as saviours by humans.

In the game, you play as the fierce Nor Vanekt, who is a member of the coalition army looking for vengeance against the gods. She is followed by a special companion called Enki, a magical creature that resembles a fox, and attacks enemies by teleporting through portals. These two won’t only fight mighty beings, such as the God of Knowledge, but will also get the Blackstream Sappers back together, a group of skilful fighters, that are experts in the art of using magic and explosives.

Flintlock The Siege of Dawn gameplay

While there isn’t much we know about Flintlock’s story, we know for sure that, in terms of gameplay, this game is mixing the best of soulslike games with one of the elements that made the 2018’s God of War a hit. This means we are having a demanding gameplay-wise experience with great action scenes.

Flintlock is characterized as an open-world game that has three main zones. From a big city with a majestic cathedral to small villages, there is a lot to see in Flintlock. The world of the game will change too depending on what you achieve in it. For example, defeating a miniboss and clearing a certain zone will allow people to reclaim the place and turn it into a small safe area with shops.

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To add some spice to the exploration in the game, there is a bit of platforming where players must use Nor Vanekt’s gun to propel her to reach places. Another option is to use Enki to teleport Nor to specific locations.

The combat in this game is challenging and it will demand time to master Nor Vanekt’s moves. She can either attack using an axe or a gun, so knowing when you need to change your weapons is a great way of performing powerful combos. On the other hand, raw power isn’t going to solve all your problems. Figuring out the enemies’ move sets is part of the strategy to face them, learning which of the attacks they are throwing at you is deadly. Because of that, when facing enemies, timing your rolls to dodge attacks, a technique quite familiar to seasoned players to soulslike games, is still going to be key to survival. Nor Vanekt can also avoid taking damage by parrying attacks, even from bosses, which triggers a flashy counterattack animation.

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One aspect that distinguishes Flintlock from other soulslikes is its spin on the character progression system. In many soulslikes, experience points are taken from you after every death, making evolving your character a task tied to the improvement of your own skill in the game.

In Flintlock, all experience points you earn stay with you. On the other hand, when you die you can lose reputation points that you earn during combat. In Flintlock, there is the black market where you can buy items and weapons as long as you have reputation points to spend. These are earned based on how well you play during fights and the combos you use. Just like in other soulslike games, you can retrieve the lost reputation points by going to where you died and picking them up.

Now, knowing all that, you are prepared while you wait for more news regarding the Flintlock The Siege of Dawn release date. For even more games you can play on Game Pass before Flintlock joins, check out our guide on all the Xbox Games Pass games on the service.