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Fire Emblem Engage best SP farm, SP explained

Read this guide to get an idea of the Fire Emblem Engage best SP farm and overview of how SP works and its value during the game.

Fire Emblem Engage SP Farm: A character can be seen

There are many systems in Fire Emblem Engage to make your units powerful soldiers that can devastate the battlefield. Some are simple to use and can give you a good advantage in one of two battles. Among them, using Emblem’s skills is undoubtedly one of the major upgrades a unit can receive. But to build your characters with better skills, you will need to use Skill Points and find the best Fire Emblem Engage SP farm.

Different from simply buying or upgrading your character’s weapons, training them, or using Fire Emblem Engage’s best meals to give a stat boost, Emblem’s skills are a more permanent and effective type of upgrade. And since you depend on having enough Skill Points to inherit their skills and build your character in the best way possible, learning the different methods to farm SP is the best approach to save time.

Fire Emblem Engage SP farm

Fire Emblem Engage Skill Points are earned by characters equipped with an Emblem/Bracelet Ring or Bond Ring that performs certain actions. Farming SP in Fire Emblem Engage can be extremely helpful since they are used to inherit skills from Emblems.

The best Fire Emblem Engage SP farm tactics are:

  • Equip Bond Rings
  • Fight skirmishes
  • Train your characters
  • Use staff’s abilities
  • Utilise Micaiah’s Engage Attack

In the game, a character earns Experience Points every time they attack and/or defeat an enemy, use supporting skills, such as dance, or use staves to heal other units or affect enemy units. They will earn Skill Points after completing these actions as well as long as they have a ring/bracelet equipped.

As characters level up their bond level with a specific Emblem, they unlock special abilities which are available as long as they are using the ring. However, after reaching bond level 5 with an Emblem, it’s possible for a character to pick one of the skills and keep them to use in battle even if they are equipped with another ring or none! And to inherit a skill you must spend Skill Points. While some of them cost only 100 SP, others can go up to 3000 SP.

Fire Emblem Engage SP Farm: A menu can be seen

Equip Bond Rings

While it’s pretty unlikely you’re not using units equipped with Emblem Rings, considering how strong they are, you don’t have sufficient rings for every unit in your team for most of the game. Since characters earn SP only when wearing a ring, the solution is to give them Bond Rings.

These can be crafted at the Ring Chamber by spending Bond Fragments. Bond Rings are not as strong as the Emblem ones – giving characters less SP than the latter – and the stat buff they give depends on the rarity of the ring.

Fight skirmishes

From one chapter to another, Corrupted or regular enemies regularly appear in areas you have already been where you can go to face them. Winning regular skirmishes rewards you with experience and items.

Even so, you should focus on going to the ones marked as having Silver Corrupted units. During these fights, the amount of experience and, consequently, Skill points you earn gets a boost. Keep in mind that donating gold to the regions increases the chance of Silver and Gold Corrupted spawning in the corresponding area. While skirmishes’ objectives are more straightforward, such as defeating every enemy unit on the battlefield, they are no less challenging depending on the average level of your team.

Fire Emblem Engage SP Farm: A character can be seen fighting

Train your characters

Training a character is not the most efficient way to farm SP, but it’s an easy way to do so. To begin with, you must visit the Arena in Somniel. There you have the option to spar with an ally or an Emblem.

The latter case will only raise your bond level with the Emblem, so you must always fight one of your units to earn experience and Skill Points. Because you can use the Arena only three times between battles, choose characters that need it the most.

Use staff’s abilities

As mentioned, characters earn experience after doing certain actions. There are, however, situations where you have already moved or attacked with most of your units, having only a support staff-user character left.

In circumstances like these, you shouldn’t waste a turn and the chance to improve one of your characters. If this character has an Obstruct staff, Freeze staff, or a Fracture staff, using them will reward you with Skill Points. Moreover, if you have allies close to one another that are injured, you can use the Fortify staff to cast an area-of-effect heal, earning SP for each character healed.

Fire Emblem Engage SP Farm: Micaiah's attack screen can be seen

Micaiah’s Engage Attack

Using Micaiah to gain more Skill Points is a good method, but it can be quite tedious. After using the Engage command, your unit has access to an Engage Skill that can only be used once each time they engage. In Micaiah’s case, her Engage Attack Great Sacrifice restores all units – even the ones that are only allies during a battle – to full HP. The idea is to use her ring with the character you want to farm SP for and then find a regular skirmish to fight. It’s fundamental to find a map that has the blue areas to recharge this character’s Engage meter.

Once in the battle, try to get as many characters as damaged as possible so you can use Great Sacrifice. Moreover, it’s important to have a healer in your party, since the character wearing Micaiah’s ring is left with only 1 of HP after using the attack. After using Great Sacrifice as many times as possible, you still need to win the encounter to keep the experience you earned.

There you have the Fire Emblem Engage SP farm guide and how Skill Points work. Now, if you’re planning on applying one or more of these methods, you may want to learn more about the Fire Emblem Engage Emblems, so you can pick the best ones to increase their bond level and inherit their skills.