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Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Crisis Core DMW explained guide

Learn all about one of the main mechanics with our Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion DMW guide which is completely updated for the remaster

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion DMW: Zack can be seen

While Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion is exciting due to how it connects to the original Final Fantasy 7’s narrative, the game has also been known because of its core mechanic: the Digital Mind Wave system. Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion brings a modified version of its infamous DMW system. Whether you are a long-time fan or you are playing Zack’s story for the first time, this article will get you caught up on the Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion DMW and explain how it works.

To help you navigate during fights in the remastered version of this classic game, we have prepared this guide going through everything you need to know about the reel-spinning system in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion. This system is not like Final Fantasy 7 Remake in many ways.

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion DMW Explained

The Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion DMW system is one of the game’s core mechanics. At the top left corner of your screen, there are three slots each with one image and a number. You can understand it as similar to a slot machine: depending on the combination of images and numbers that you get, you receive a different reward.

Each image available in the DMW is related to a specific character in the game with whom Zack has established a relationship as you go through its chapters. These images may enter a limit verge state which is determined by the limit gauge stage you are in. There are five stages – Heavenly, Sky High, High, Normal, and Low – that change according to your actions, such as using limit breaks. The higher the stage the higher the chance of a limit verge occurring. The chance of entering this state is also increased when Zack has Heightened emotions towards a specific character.

Besides giving you buffs and activating special attacks, such as Summons and Limit Breaks, the DMW will also show you when Zack levels up since it will stop at 777 once you acquired a certain number of experience points. And, while the DMW system functions only during battles, you won’t have to worry about consistently activating the reels. They spin automatically as long as you have SP which is spent every time the reels are activated. Since you earn these points by defeating enemies and using Limit Breaks, it’s unlikely you will find yourself running out of SP.

A different version of the DMW was already present in the original game, but it got revamped in this remaster keeping with the basic concept.

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion DMW: A list of different characters can be seen

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion DMW effects

The effects caused by the DMW in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion results depend on the combination of images, numbers, and if the limit verge is up or not. The full list of effects when Zack isn’t in a limit verge state is as follows:

  • 777: Invincible
  • 666: Critical
  • 555: Null physical damage
  • 444: AP cost zero (until the battle ends)
  • 333: Null magic damage
  • 222: MP cost zero (until the battle ends)
  • 111: Invincible
  • 77-: AP and MP cost zero
  • 7-7: Null physical damage
  • -77: Null magic damage
  • 7–: AP cost zero
  • -7-: MP cost zero
  • –7: Endure

Whenever three images match once the DMW reels stop, Zack enters a limit break state, giving you the option to use one of the series’ famous special attacks. Which limit break Zack will use depends on whose images were matched. You can go from a classic but strong sequence of sword attacks with Sephiroth’s Octaslash to restoring a massive amount of HP with Aerith’s Healing Wave. You may also enter Summon Mode and end up with three matching Summon images which allow you to trigger the summon’s limit break. If you don’t already know how to summon in Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion, our guide can help you out there

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion DMW: Zack can be seen in combat

The effects – most of which last for a limited time – you get from matching numbers are determined by Zack’s current state. The non-limit verge state effects can be seen above. However, if the limit verge is up and the numbers between 1 to 6 match, one of your equipped Materia is going to level up. If a double match happens, the materia gains one level while a triple match gives three levels to a material. Which material will level up depends on the matching numbers since they correspond to one of the six materia slots you have.

This is all on the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion DMW system! Once you get used to this system, going through the game’s battles becomes an easier feat. For more on the game, you can also check our guide on Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion voice actors and cast to know who is behind each character you meet while engaging with the DMW system!