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Can you turn off motion blur in Final Fantasy 16?

If you're wondering whether you can turn off or reduce Final Fantasy 16's motion blur, well, here's what options you currently have.

Final Fantasy 16 motion blur: Clive using Rising Flames in Final Fantasy 16 in front of a green background

Can you turn off motion blur in Final Fantasy 16? While some players may be able to handle the blurriness whenever Clive moves (which is a lot), many players detest motion blur.

We spent most of our Final Fantasy 16 review playthrough accepting the motion blur while playing one of the best PS5 games out there. But we understand that you likely hate it (which is why you’re here). If that blur is affecting your fighting skills during battles with the Final Fantasy 16 bosses, here’s if you can switch it off.

Can you turn off motion blur in Final Fantasy 16?

There’s currently no option to turn off motion blur in Final Fantasy 16. For the smoothest experience right now, go to the System tab and switch game performance to ‘Frame Rate’ in the Graphics Settings menu.

Of course, switching the performance mode to Frame Rate instead of quality will make the game less visually stunning, but if that means you deal with less motion blur, that’s a fair price to pay.

The option to remove motion blur and adjust it to meet your requirements will come in a post-launch update, as announced during the Final Fantasy 16 pre-launch celebration stream, which you can see below. However, no release date for this update has been revealed just yet.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy 16 motion blur options, or lack thereof. If you’re struggling with other aspects of the game, you can find all guides in our Final Fantasy 16 walkthrough, including the Final Fantasy 16 best abilities.