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FIFA 22 bronze pack method - is it worth it?

Run out of coins in Ultimate Team? Use the tried and tested FIFA 22 Bronze Pack Method to grind coins and cards for League SBCs, Icons, and more.

FIFA 22 Bronze Pack Method: Five Portuguese players walk across the pitch

 FIFA 22 is no longer getting significant new updates.

Fans of FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 22 needed two things: coins and Squad Building Challenge (SBC) fodder. The FIFA 22 Bronze Pack Method was a tried and tested way of generating both.

EA tried to nerf the profitability of the Bronze Pack Method (BPM) over the last few years. First, with the removal of player fitness from the game in FIFA 21, valuable squad fitness cards were dropped from Bronze Packs. Then, in FIFA 22, the cheapest regular Bronze Pack (400 coins) was removed from the store, with only the 750 coin Premium Bronze Pack remaining.

So was the FIFA 22 Bronze Pack Method still worth doing? In short, yes. The Bronze Pack Method was still one of the best ways to make coins in FIFA 22, without spending real cash on FIFA Points. It remained popular with FIFA streamers like ‘MattHDGamer’, ‘Nick28T’ and ‘NepentheZ’ on their Road to Glory (RTG) accounts for almost a guaranteed steady profit.

We preferred to do our FIFA 22 Bronze Pack Method – along with all of our Squad Building Challenges completion – on the Web or Mobile App. It was faster, with fewer clicks, and you were less likely to make any mistakes.

But why were random bronze cards selling for upward of 3,000 coins on the market? Well, League-specific SBCs required some bronze cards which were harder to come by, driving the price up with demand. Simply put, there wasn’t a big supply of top league bronze players on the transfer market, so you could make a quick buck if you knew what you were doing.

Here’s everything you need to know about the FIFA 22 Bronze Pack Method so you can grow your bank balance in Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 Bronze Pack method: A full transfer list showing loads of sold bronze players.

How to do the FIFA 22 Bronze Pack Method

The first thing you needed to do was open a load of bronze packs. You should have started with at least 20 packs (15,000 coins), but some hardcore BPM advocates including MattHDgamer and Nepenthez opened Premium Bronze Packs for 40-50,000 coins per time – until their trade pile was full.

If you didn’t have the coins for that, you soon would!

Once you had opened your packs, you then needed to check the price of everything on the market. You’d get used to quick-selling the bulk, but it was smart to check every player you packed to see if they were selling or not. You would know which ones were in demand because the majority of cards wouldn’t be listed for 200 coins. Buy. It. Now. That’s what we used to do, anyhow.

You could opt to sell everything, because most things, even minnow team tifos and kits, would sell eventually. However, you didn’t want these items cramming your transfer list. It was best to save this for players and popular club items which were selling for big coins.

So what sold in the bronze market on FIFA 22?

  • Players from Top 5 leagues sold for a minimum of 1,000 coins, often much more, giving you an instant profit of 200 coins (after the 5% EA tax) on the whole pack.
  • Some random players were inflated either due to popularity back home or being in an SBC solution somewhere online. This is why we checked every item we pulled from Premium Bronze Packs.
  • If a player had a bronze base card and gots a TOTW upgrade to silver, you could pull this from a bronze pack! These quickly sold for between 4,550 and 5,180 coins, or could go on the market for much more.
  • Kits and badges of popular clubs did sell, eventually (you might have needed to relist once or twice though). It was worth checking the price on these and discarding most, but for example, the Forest Green kits were a guaranteed sale.
  • Certain managers sold well depending on their nationality. The French manager R. Peyras had been a FIFA legend for years and sold for 4,500 – 5,000 coins.
  • Red, black, and white stadium items (banners, themes, tifos) sold for 200 coins.

The two to five contracts you got in a Premium Bronze Pack were also worth keeping if you wanted to never buy a contract again, or you could even sell the rare ones for 200 coins BIN and quick sell the common ones.

Discarding all of the consumables and club items would return 120-185 coins each time, depending on the distribution of those three rares and how many players you got per pack.

It’s worth noting that you could find 100-400 coins in Premium Bronze Packs. You were guaranteed to break even with consumables and 200 coin sales here.

FIFA 22 Bronze PAck Methid: A transfer list showing sold and for sale players.

FIFA 22 Bronze Pack Method options

While many did the BPM to inflate their bank balance, some also did it to give them a leg up on SBCs. With the existence of League SBCs, the BPM was a great way of getting your hands on sought-after players on the cheap.

League SBCs were made up of four specific challenges asking for various players from across the league. Rewards were specific to each set, with the highest profile leagues giving the best packs. The best bit? They were repeatable, and around for the rest of the year – though these have since concluded.

So called ‘off league’ players who didn’t belong to a league with an active SBC could be put into Bronze Upgrade SBCs to generate untradable silver cards for – you guessed it – League SBCs.

The content you got from League SBC rewards helped you climb up to bigger packs. You could either start with lower leagues and grind up to bigger ones, or accept that you might have to buy the last two or three cards for each part of the challenge.

Using this conveyor belt of BPM into upgrades League SBCs gave you a steady flow of both tradable and untradable rewards. With enough fodder and packs opened, there were players completing the ‘Top five’ League SBCs – with the best rewards – multiple times per day.

The FIFA 22 Bronze pack method was a long-term profit and card generator – so you wouldn’t make loads of money instantly. If you wanted to do that, you had to actively trade on the market.

If you were a full-time menu surfer, there were plenty of creators out there who used the Bronze Pack Method into the repeatable League SBCs, and then used the rewards here to put into Icon SBCs. If you wanted to make FIFA a part-time job, then this certainly did it! Thankfully, running BPM for coins didn’t take that much labor, and could be used to nicely tick over your coin balance throughout the season.