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Escape From Tarkov devs are working on fixing Lighthouse performance

Even if you manage to play Lighthouse without crashing, you might still fall victim to the John Wick Scav

escape from tarkov squatting in the bushes cheeki breeki

Mere hours after Battlestate Games confirmed it is going to start taking feedback on its ultra-realistic looter shooter Escape From Tarkov from the community via Reddit again, the company’s COO, Nikita Buyanov, has confirmed it has started work on three pressing issues highlighted by players: audio glitches, Scav inertia, and Lighthouse performance.

“We again decided to collect centralized player feedback here on reddit. The point is that you write what annoys and bothers you in the game at the moment,” Buyanov says in the Reddit post. He goes on to state that the Battlestate Games team is hard at work on patches for the game, and that most of the development focus at the moment is on trying to release the outstanding Escape From Tarkov features, notably the Streets of Tarkov map and the announced Arena game mode.

The feedback has been coming thick and fast from fans of the game, whose major issue seems to be with the in-game audio, something that is extremely important in getting the drop on your enemies in Escape From Tarkov. “Audio, both vertically, and range need a major rework,” says the top comment from Ok_Bottle_8796. “Many times I hear a scav shouting down my ear like he’s right next to me only to find he’s intact nowhere near me.”

This sentiment is echoed by countless other Reddit users who are being confused by the game’s spatial audio by thinking enemies are in places they aren’t. Another audio issue reported by players is the audio cutting out completely whenever somebody fires their weapon – and that’s in a game stuffed with guns.

Users are also reporting the lack of Scav inertia and hyper-sensitive AI is causing them issues. One player in the Reddit thread was unhappy with the Terminator-like reflexes of a Scav with a sniper rifle who suddenly peeked them, while another adds that the Scavs seem to know when they are in a player’s crosshairs and react.

Yet another prominent problem being reported is also Escape From Tarkov’s poor performance, especially on maps like Lighthouse. One Tarkov player says they can barely maintain 60FPS with a “decent rig.” This issue is repeated by others, who speak at length in the thread about stuttering and unoptimised performance still being an issue.

Luckily, Buyanov has heard the fans, as he says “everything is being addressed” in a recent tweet. He also makes clear his intention to livestream another episode of the TarkovTV podcast, where players can watch and listen to him outline a roadmap for Escape From Tarkov going forward.