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Escape From Tarkov fan launches business selling Lego bosses

We've all dreamed of having a smaller version of our PMC. With this unofficial Escape From Tarkov Lego, now you can!

Escape From Tarkov lego: Shturman and Killa made out of Lego

Wherever you look these days, there seems to be videogame-inspired Lego sets. From Horizon Forbidden West, to Super Mario Bros, to Minecraft, there’s something for everyone – except if you’re an Escape From Tarkov fan.

Battlestate Games’ gritty realistic looter shooter isn’t exactly the ideal game for the brick builders since it’s full of, you know, guns. But one fan was determined to turn his passion for all things Lego and Escape From Tarkov into something awesome – by creating Escape From Tarkov Lego characters.

Reddit user Johnson Luyen has painstakingly created the Escape From Tarkov bosses in Lego form. From Tagilla to Shturman, they’re all there and they look just as terrifying in miniature form as they do in-game. These figures are all surprisingly detailed – Tagilla has his trusty hammer, Sanitar has his bright orange medbag, and Killa has his eye-catching golden pistol.

It’s hardly surprising either, given that Luyen has been honing his craft for the last 14 years. “It began a really long time ago, back when I was around 11,” Luyen, who hails from Vietnam, tells The Loadout. “I’ve always been in love with Lego, but it wasn’t until I found out about the internet and videogames that it sparked an idea to recreate Lego versions of my favourite games.”

Luyen didn’t start with Escape From Tarkov though – he started with Halo, Half Life, and Crossfire, but things really took off when he started making Spartans. Once he grew in confidence and he felt like he could cut and make his own custom bricks, he moved to making Escape From Tarkov models – something he says can take anywhere between one to four days.


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“I had an idea about turning my hobby for tactical gears, guns, and Tarkov into Lego figures,” he says. After making a couple of figures, including Killa, he showed them off on Reddit – and, as you can imagine, they were a resounding success. “Everyone loved it,” he says. “It gave me the momentum to make my childhood dream of turning customised Lego into a full-time job.”

These days, Luyen is busy making models for people all over the world under the name BattleState Bricks, and when you consider just how good these models are, it’s not surprising. Now all we need is a model of a PMC clutching a gas analyser to give the feeling of a true Escape From Tarkov experience.