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This Elden Ring trick could stop you falling to your death

An Elden Ring trick discovered by one player could help you ascertain whether it is safe to jump or fall from ledges in FromSoftware's latest action adventure

Elden Ring trick prevents you falling from ledges in FromSoftware's latest action adventure rpg

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring might be more accessible than its previous outings, but the obtuse adventure is still far more difficult than your average game. It’s not always the enemies that kill you either – sometimes it’s an accidental slip and fall. Interestingly, one player has possibly found a way to check whether falling from a ledge will kill you or not.

Reddit user ‘Aiseadai’ posted a short video on the website, simply saying, “TIL you can check if a fall will kill you by attacking.” The video depicts their in-game character running over to a ledge near Elden Ring’s starting area and attacking near a short drop, which causes the character to fall a short distance as they attack but remain unscathed.

Aiseadai then walks over to a clifftop ledge that has a sheer drop to a beach below. They charge up a number of attacks near the ledge, which, when unleashed, makes the character lunge directly at the ledge – something that should result in them becoming a mangled and broken corpse on the sand below. Instead, each swing causes the character to stall on the precipice, as if their attacks are making them encounter an invisible wall.

While it appears that Aiseadai might be on to a way to check whether falling from a ledge will kill you or not, it seems not all ledges in the game in Elden Ring exhibit this same behaviour. One Reddit user, ‘LettucePrime,’ replies to the post saying that the trick is inconsistent. The Loadout’s own testing confirms that you can still die by doing normal and charged attacks near a ledge, and this method isn’t a sure-fire way of checking if it’s safe to jump.

Even though the details about this phenomenon are still murky, it appears attacking near a ledge is still a useful way of checking whether falling from some ledges will kill you, thereby preventing your untimely demise. Just don’t rely on it completely when you’re doing your in-game testing until we know more.